Other iOS performance and iOS Performance

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Other iOS performance and iOS Performance

This article is a reference, because I have only studied these technologies, but they are not used in the project, nor have they been studied in depth, so they can only be used as one note.

Network request

Currently, most network requests are in json format (I believe no APP can use XML format again). The json format is small and lightweight. In the early years, it was the best choice, but now we have a lighter solution, Protobuf, which is also produced by google (must be excellent). It is a binary format, which is smaller than json (about 20% smaller ).

To put it simply, the process is: Write a proto file locally (any editor is acceptable), such:

Message Person {required string name = 1; // name required int32 sex = 2; // gender required int32 age = 3; // age}

Then use the command line

protoc --objc_out=./ ./test.proto

Generate. h and. m Files

In this way, once the server returns a request in protobuf format, the client can directly use it. Refer to the article:


IOS startup Speed Optimization


  • Toutiao iOS client startup Speed Optimization
  • WWDC 2016 Session notes: optimized App startup time
  • Baidu input method-iOS startup Speed Optimization
  • How to optimize startup time of Facebook iOS App
  • Obj China-Mach-O Executable File
IOS Package Size Reduction


  • IOS installation package slimming
  • Optimization of toutiao IPA installation package
  • IOS slimming-removing useless mach-O files in the FrameWork
  • Clang Plugin-based iOS package size slimming Solution
  • IOS Executable File slimming Method

If you have any other thoughts or experiences on iOS performance optimization, please leave a message and let me know. Thank you.

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