Overview of PHP network functions

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Tags format functions header socket string syslog system log mx record
checkdnsrr-DNS traffic checks for the specified host (domain name) or IP address
closelog-Turn off System log links
define_syslog_variables-initialization of all syslog-related variables
dns_get_record-to obtain DNS records for the specified host
fsockopen-open a network connection or a UNIX socket connection
Gethostbyaddr-gets the host name of the specified IP address
gethostbyname-gets the IP address of the specified host name
Gethostbynamel-gets a range of IP addresses for the specified host name
gethostname-Get host Name
Getmxrr-gets the MX record for the specified host name
Getprotobyname-gets the protocol number for the specified protocol name
Getprotobynumber-gets the protocol name that corresponds to the specified protocol number
Getservbyname-gets the port number for the specified Internet service and protocol
Getservbyport-get the specified protocol and port number corresponding to the Internet service
header_register_callback-Call a header function
header_remove-before removing the head set
header-send a custom HTTP message
Headers_list-returns a series of response header information sent (or ready to send)
headers_sent-Check if the head has been sent or sent to where
Http_response_code-Gets or sets the HTTP response code
inet_ntop-converts a encapsulated network address into dotted decimal notation
inet_pton-converts a decimal-point IP address into a encapsulated (IN_ADDR) representation
ip2long-converts a IPV4 string Internet protocol into a number format
long2ip-converts a IPV4 number format to a string Internet protocol
openlog-Open the System logger connection
pfsockopen-Open a persistent network connection or UNIX socket connection.
setcookie-Send Cookies
Setrawcookie-sends a raw cookie (cookie value is not encoded by URL)
Socket_get_status-stream_get_meta_data Alias
Socket_set_blocking-stream_set_blocking Alias
Socket_set_timeout-stream_set_timeout Alias
syslog-generates a system log message

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