Overview of third-party libraries used in iOS development

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Preface: Record a third-party library that has been used and contacted, regardless of the order of importance

    • Network request:
      • Afnetworking:afnetworking is a delightful networking library for IOS and Mac OS x.
      • Ytknetwork:ytknetwork is a high level request util based on afnetworking.
    • Turn model
      • mjextension: A fast, convenient and nonintrusive conversion between JSON and model.
      • Yymodel:high Performance Model framework for IOS/OSX.
      • Mantle:mantle makes it easy-to-write a simple model layer for your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.
    • Database Related:
      • Fmdb:a Cocoa/objective-c wrapper around SQLite
      • Magicalrecord:super Awesome easy fetching for Core Data
    • Device-Related:
      • Fcuuid:ios uuid/universally Unique Identifiers Library as alternative to UDID and Identifierforvendor.
      • Babybluetooth: A very easy-to-use Bluetooth library for iOS and OS
    • Ui:
      • Masonry: Layout view
      • Snapkit: Layout view (Swift)
      • Xhlaunchad:the Screen Opening Advertising solutions-open AD, start AD solution-supports static/dynamic image ads, MP4 video ads, full screen/half screen ads, compatible iphone/ipad.
      • Svprogresshud: svprogresshud  is a clean and easy-t O-use HUD meant to display the progress of a ongoing task on IOS and TvOS.
      • mbprogresshud : mbprogresshud  is an IOS drop-in class, displays a translucent HUD with an in Dicator and/or labels while work is being do in a background thread.
      • Toast:an objective-c category that adds toasts notifications to the UIView object class.
      • dznemptydataset:a drop-in Uitableview/uicollectionview superclass category for showing empty datasets whenever the VI EW have no content to display
      • Ylprogressbar:the Ylprogressbar is a Uiprogressview replacement with an highly and fully customizable animated progress B Ar in pure Core Graphics
      • Bemcheckbox:tasteful Checkbox for IOS. (Check Box)
      • Afviewshaker:afviewshaker is simple as a brick utility for UIView shake animation.
      • Sxwaveanimate: To achieve very beautiful irrigation animation
      • Sdcyclescrollview:autoscroll Banner. Infinite loop picture, text Carousel.
      • Tpkeyboardavoiding: Prevent the keyboard from masking the input box
      • Iqkeyboardmanager: Prevent the keyboard from masking the input box
    • fdfullscreenpopgesture:a Uinavigationcontroller ' s category to enable Fullscreen pop gesture with ios7+ system style.
    • crnavigationcontroller:a Uinavigationcontroller Subclass that brings on A more vivid, brighter uinavigationbar.
    • mwphotobrowser:a simple IOS photo and video browser with grid view, captions and selections.
    • Pysearch: an Elegant Search controller which replaces the Uisearchcontroller for IOS (IPhone & IPad).
    • mscollectionviewcalendarlayout:uicollectionviewlayout for displaying cells chronologically. Similar to the IOS Calendar app.
    • Aachartkit:an Elegant and friendly chart library for IOS developer. Powerful,support the column chart, bar chart, area chart, areaspline chart, line chart, spline chart, radar chart, polar chart, Pie chart, bubble chart, pyramid chart, funnel chart, columnrange chart and other graphics.
  • Text:
    • Yytext:powerful text framework for IOS to display and edit rich text.
    • Tyattributedlabel:tyattributedlabel simple, powerful property text control (no need to know Coretext), support for graphics and graphic display, support for adding links, image and UIView controls, support for custom layout display
  • Editor:
    • Wordpress-editor-ios:the Wordpress-editor-ios is the text Editor used in the WordPress IOS app to create and edit pages &A mp Posts. In short it's a simple, straightforward-visually edit HTML.
  • File
    • Ziparchive:ziparchive lets Mac OS X/ios apps Read and write to ZIP archive files.
    • Player:
      • Zfplayer: Based on Avplayer, support horizontal screen, vertical screen (full screen playback can also lock the screen direction), swipe up and down to adjust the volume, screen brightness, left and right to adjust the playback progress.
      • Hjdanmakudemo:a High performance Danmaku engine for IOS
    • Audio and video
      • Plplayerkit:plplayerkit is a seven-ox player SDK for the IOS platform, featuring a fully self-developed cross-platform playback core with rich functionality and exceptional performance, highly customizable and two-time development.
      • Ios_suixinbo:
      • Smarterstreaming:
      • Videobeautify:with This APP, you can does all kinds of professional optimising and beautifying to your videos
    • Books:
      • Folioreaderkit:a Swift EPub Reader and parser framework for IOS.
      • Reader:ios Coretext-based e-book reader with support for txt,epub format
      • Treaderbook: Text-to-picture mixed reader demo, support graphics and text mixed, property texts, graphic paging, page flipping style, bookmarks, night eye protection mode.
        Graphic controls are used by the Treaderbook author's Tyattributedlabel
      • Aepubreader:another EPub Reader for IPad
      • ILPDFKIT:A Simple Toolkit for filling out PDF forms in IOS.
      • Bookreader: "read" network novel reader, to achieve the book recommendation Collection, book/Tag retrieval, simulation page turn effect, cache books, day night mode, bookmarks, txt/pdf/epub book reading, font/theme/brightness settings, WiFi transfer books and other functions ~
    • Interaction:
      • Webviewjavascriptbridge:an IOS/OSX Bridge for sending messages between Obj-c and JavaScript in Wkwebviews, Uiwebviews & ; Webviews.
      • Ionic:build Amazing native and progressive Web apps with open web technologies. One app running on everything
    • Testing and tuning performance
      • Mleaksfinder:mleaksfinder helps you find memory leaks in your IOS apps at develop time.
      • OCLINT:A Static source Code analysis tool to improve quality and reduce defects for C, C + + and Objective-c
    • System content
      • Ios-runtime-headers:ios objective-c Headers as derived from Runtime introspection
      • Runtimebrowser:objective-c Runtime Browser, for Mac OS X and IOS. This was a class browser for the OBJECTIVE-C runtime on IOS and OS X
    • To build the project document:
      • Appledoc
    • Packaged:
      • Fastlane:the easiest to automate building and releasing your IOS and Android apps

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Overview of third-party libraries used in iOS development

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