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This is the WMP version of ClassID, from the WMP7 post ID to the CLSID:6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00c04f79faa6, the previous 6.4 is the CLSID: 22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95, but the previous version is still available, but the new function is not used.

Here is a specific version number, you can compare what you are now version.

Version number Windows Media Player (WMP) version
---------------------------------------------------------------- WMP 5.2 Beta WMP 5.2
6.02.902 WMP 6.0 WMP 6.0 Internet Explorer 5 RC0 Beta WMP 6.0 WMP 6.2 Beta WMP 6.4
6.4.6.* WMP 6.4 for Windows Beta WMP 6.4, with multi-bit rate (MBR) update for Internet Explorer WMP 6.4, with MBR update (minor updates to error messages based on
6.4.9.* WMP 6.4, for Windows 2000 only WMP 7 WMP 7 update WMP 7, updated Setup WMP 7, for Windows Millennium Edition (Me) WMP 7.1 WMP for Windows XP WMP 9 Series for Windows XP, Windows Second Edition, Windows Me and Windows 2000 WMP 9 Series, for Windows Server 2003 WMP 10


The official way of inserting is really simple, I kind of want to kick them both feet,

<object id= "Player"
Classid= "Clsid:6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00c04f79faa6" >
<param name= "AutoStart" value= "True" >
The following is the specific parameters in the availability of different browsers, this dongdong is really useful, a lot of parameters with no effect, I have been testing the fast crazy, a look at this list, the original people do not support, Halo ...

PARAM Name Internet Explorer Firefox with MIME type application/x-ms-wmp Firefox with no other MIME type
AutoStart Yes Yes Yes
Balance Yes Yes Yes
BaseURL Yes Yes Yes
Captioningid Yes Yes Yes
Currentmarker Yes Yes Yes
CurrentPosition Yes Yes Yes
Defaultframe Yes No No
Enablecontextmenu Yes Yes Yes
Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Enableerrordialogs Yes Yes No
FileName No Yes Yes
Fullscreen Yes No No
Invokeurls Yes No No
Mute Yes Yes Yes
Playcount Yes Yes No
Rate Yes Yes Yes
Samifilename Yes Yes Yes
Samilang Yes Yes Yes
Samistyle Yes Yes Yes
Src No Yes Yes
Stretchtofit Yes Yes No
Url Yes Yes Yes
Volume Yes Yes Yes
Windowlessvideo Yes Yes Yes

Default value for parameter:

Parameter Default Description
Audiostream True
AutoSize True
AutoStart True Sets If the player should start automatically
Animationatstart True Sets If a animation should show while the file loads
Allowscan True
Allowchangedisplaysize True
Autorewind False
Balance False
Bufferingtime 5
Clicktoplay True Sets If the player should start when the user clicks
CursorType False
CurrentPosition True
Currentmarker False
Displaybackcolor False
Displayforecolor 16777215
DisplayMode False
Displaysize False
Enabled True
Enablecontextmenu True
Enablepositioncontrols True
Enablefullscreencontrols False
Enabletracker True
Filename Url The URL of the file to play
Invokeurls True
Language True
Mute False
Playcount 1
PreviewMode False
Rate 1
SelectionStart True
Selectionend True
Sendopenstatechangeevents True
Sendwarningevents True
Senderrorevents True
Sendkeyboardevents False
Sendmouseclickevents False
Sendmousemoveevents False
Sendplaystatechangeevents True
Showcaptioning False
Showcontrols True Sets If the player controls should show
Showaudiocontrols True Sets If the audio controls should show
Showdisplay False Sets If the display should show
Showgotobar False Sets if the Gotobar should show
Showpositioncontrols True
ShowStatusBar False
Showtracker True
Transparantatstart False
Videoborderwidth False
Videobordercolor False
Videoborder3d False
Volume -200
Windowlessvideo False

Perhaps the most you want to know is how to use the program (I prefer to use JS) to control the playback of WMP, stop, fast forward, see here,, There are detailed explanations and examples. (in English)

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