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Linux free open source, build stations are basically the choice of Linux systems, and Linux VPS than Windows VPS is much cheaper, the cost is greatly reduced, unless the program has special needs, otherwise it is recommended to use Linux as a Web server. However, a bad place to choose Linux is to have some trouble with the operation.

If you are new to Linux, at the beginning of the site can try to use the Linux VPS Host Control Panel, as long as you install a host on the VPS host management panel, so you can use the virtual host to bind domain names and manage the MySQL database, And the VPS host allows you to maximize the adjustment of server configuration parameters, toss process is also enjoy the process.

From the point of view of the tribe, this want to choose a foreign VPS Control Panel, the importance of foreign free open source Control Panel function of the powerful, but encountered a problem is the Foreign VPS Control Panel official support forum are English, plus domestic users are not many, Causes problems encountered in the use of the VPS panel can not be effectively resolved.

Finally chose the WDCP. This is the domestic early do a good VPS host Control Panel, the function is also good, especially suitable for just contact VPS Novice Friends, although the panel in the use of the process of constantly burst loopholes, but now to see WDCP, their team is still adhering to the update and perfect, worthy of praise. This article will come back to share a domestic VPS Control Panel: Pagoda Server Management Assistant Linux version.

Pagoda Linux panel-easy to use Chinese Linux VPS host Control Panel for quick Build station

First, the Pagoda Linux panel installation

1, the Pagoda Linux panel official website: 1, official home:

2, Pagoda Server Management Assistant Linux version currently only for CentOS 5.x/6.x/7.x to provide support, you can always pay attention to the official website follow-up updates. You can install the following components:

6 7 8
nginx1.8-1.10 Apache2.4.20
php5.2-7.0 (optional at installation, support for multiple versions of coexistence, except php7.0 includes Zendloader)
mysql5.5-5.7 (optional at installation)
web online panel

3, Pagoda Server Management Assistant Linux version installation commands are as follows:

Yum Install  Screen wget && Echo >> /etc/&&screenwget -o http://

4, the current Pagoda Linux panel has three download nodes, please according to your VPS host location selection. The Pagoda Linux panel supports building LNMP or lamp environments, and you can choose Apache or nginx during installation.

5, the Pagoda Linux panel of PHP has been able to choose PHP 7, performance promotion is very large: PHP 7 Installation Experience: The performance of a large upgrade, compatibility, extended support is not enough, upgrade PHP to be cautious. MySQL can also choose the latest 5.7, but if the VPS memory is small, you cannot choose to install.

6, in turn, select the version you want to install, next is to set up a MySQL password, confirm you want to install the Web environment components, the Pagoda Linux mount is the WWW directory.

7, the installation of the Pagoda Linux panel with your VPS performance and bandwidth changes, generally come in half an hour can be done. If you s#s#h interrupt during the installation, reconnect, you do not need to reinstall, enter Screen-r BT can restore the previous installation process.

8, see the Pagoda Linux panel installation completed, you also need to initialize the Pagoda Linux panel. Open: http://ip:888, and then set up a good administrator account and password, confirm the site backup file path, click Save. (Click to enlarge)

Second, the Pagoda Linux Panel add site binding domain name

1, the Pagoda Linux panel address: http://{Your server ip}:888, use you just set up a good account and password to start login.

2, before you login to the Pagoda Linux panel, it is best to familiarize yourself with the operation commands of the Pagoda Linux panel, and if you find anything unusual you can use the command to see if the status is normal:

 1 2 3 4 5 6 
nginx Service Management: Service Nginx  { start  | Stop  |  Restart  |  Reload }  Apache service management: Service httpd  { start  |  Stop  |  Restart  |  Reload }  mysql service management: Service mysqld  { start  |  Stop  |  Restart  |  Reload }  FTP Service administration: Service pure-ftpd  { start  |  Stop  |  Restart }  PHP service management: Service php-fpm- {  |   |   |   |   |  }   { start  |  Stop  |  Restart  |  Reload }  Pagoda Interface Service Management: Service yunclient  { start  |  Stop }  

3, this is the directory structure of the Pagoda Linux panel, if you want to configure your own PHP, MySQL and so need to remember these.

4 5 6 7 8
Directory structure:/Www/Www/Wwwroot Site Directory/Www/Wwwroot/Default Web panel Directory/Www/Server/Nginx/Conf/Vhost nginx web Site Configuration directory/Www/Server/Nginx Nginx installation directory/Www/Server/Apache/Conf/Vhost Apache web Site Configuration directory/Www/Server/Apache Apache installation directory/Www/Server/MySQL MySQL installation directory/Www/Server/PHP PHP installation directory/Www/Server/Pure-ftpdFTPinstallation directory/Www/Server/Data database file directory view default informationCat /Www/Server/

4, this is the Pagoda Linux panel interface, the left side is the server status, Web site, FTP, database, security, file management, log management, environment settings. (Click to enlarge)

5, the Pagoda Linux panel to add binding domain name is very convenient, directly click on the "Site", and then click Add, fill in the domain name you will be bound by the domain name, set the root of the site, select the database version to create, set good username and password, click "Submit". (Click to enlarge)

6, the Pagoda Linux panel site creation completed.

7, you can see in the "website" has created a good site.

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