Panasonic Linux mobile p901i presented at the CELF Conference

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The "2005 ce Linux Forum Plenary Session" sponsored by the "ce Linux Forum (CELF)", an industry group of home appliance Linux, was held from October 1 to October 1 ~ The 26th is held in San nose, USA. At the meeting, Panasonic mobile showed that Linux was used as the OS mobile phone "p901i ". According to the person in charge of the company, the p901i OS adopts the version 2.4 of the Linux kernel and the OMAP architecture microprocessor of Texas Instrument released by the United States mctai (monavista, Software Inc. "In order to enable the application software quickly, the software debugging workload is very heavy" (head of the company ). P901i will be available from "Next Week. However, you are not allowed to take photos at the meeting.
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