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Curl-loader Introduction

Curl-loader (also known as "Omes-nik" and "Davilka") is an open source C language-written tool that simulates the application load and the behavior of thousands of hundreds of thousands of of people's Http/https and FTP/FTPS client applications, Each has its own source IP address. Instead, other Curl-loader use real C-written client-side protocol stacks, the Libcurl and Tls/openssl SSL http and FTP stack, which support the tools for logging in and verifying flavors and simulating user behavior.

Therefore, although the volume is small, but do not underestimate his ability Oh! ^_^ Curl-loader Performance Testing tools have been heard in the first Test, but because its operating environment is a Linux system, so, has not been downloaded to use, now just can take advantage of the opportunity to learn Linux play.

---------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Operating Environment: CentOS 4.8-

-Download Address:

-Official Configuration document: Http://


Installation steps:

[Root@youname test]# tar jxvf curl-loader-0.56.rar.bz2 Extract Files

After decompression

[Root@youname test]# CD curl-loader-0.56 Access directory

[Root@youname curl-loader-0.56]# VI quick-start Open Quick also getting started document

These tips are as follows:

Build it using the general C development environment with bash,   
gcc (3 or 4 series), make, etc. on a Linux machine.   
Building pre-requirements are:   
1. OpenSSL binaries;   
2. OpenSSL development package with the Include files (on Debian package libssl-dev) ...   

If you have a Linux system with GCC and OpenSSL environment, the following can be skipped, no words with me to install.

--------------------Install GCC----------------------------------------------------------------------------

First, we are required to run a GCC environment:

method if you are Redhat/centos version of Linux, you can run the following command to download the installation [root@youname test]# yum install gcc gcc-c++ download installation C compiler

Method two RPM installation if the installation system disk is installed, you can insert the installation CD and run the following command (virtual machine refer to the way to insert the installation file): [Root@youname test] #rpm-IVH gcc*

----------------------------Install OpenSSL------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Second, require us to run the OpenSSL package required to install

[Root@youname curl-loader-0.56]# Rpm-qa | grep SSL to see if you have installed the OpenSSL service.

Method One

Download the corresponding service and install (method tedious, here to link)


Installation mode:

Method Two

The above way is troublesome, the simplest way is to insert the system disk in the DVD/CD way, and then find it in the system disk/centos/rpms/directory:

openssl-0.9.7a-43.17.el4_7.2.rpm openssl-devel-0.9.7a-43.17.el4_7.2.rpm Two RPM package, double click to install reboot on OK. Of course, you can also refer to the installation of GCC by using the command to install [root@youname test]# RPM-IVH [filename]-------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

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