Perl is a good thing.

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Programming with Perl and Writing Control in the last two days ProgramAnd CGI. I found this is really a good thing. CodeVery concise and error-prone. I have been writing my hand for a day, but I have never made several mistakes. Finally, it encapsulates several CGI classes, one processing input parameters, one processing template replacement, and one processing database connection. Then, it takes only 5 minutes to write a common query page. Haha. The implementation of the class library is based on the DOTNET design. The most important thing to note is that the template replaces the class, and now the program logic and page separation can be achieved, as long as the data structure (mainly hash table) is passed to it, it can be automatically replaced, is it a bit like Data Binding in DOTNET? Haha. You can continue to enrich it and write some server-side controls. :)
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