Phonegap IOS-How to publish apps with virtual machines

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Let me show you how to publish an iOS program after you install a virtual machine on a Windows system

1 First of all, of course, the installation of virtual machines and the configuration of the Mac system, it is recommended that the machine is better than 10 g of memory, to not die you, my machine is a desktop I5, with 16G of memory, generally run the virtual machine when the memory to consume about 10 g, very smooth, here special Reminder 8, 9 g of the pen Don't play with the virtual machine card to want to die heart all have, rich can directly on Mac notebook, can save a lot of trouble

How to install Mac virtual machine, please go to this URL to download a variety of tools, fool Tutorial:

2 after installing the virtual machine, first familiar with the environment of the next Mac, a variety of sticky keyboard shortcuts, but also a fool tutorial: mac inside the command built on our keyboard that the Windows symbol of the button

3 first Buy and apply Ios,key This online tutorial many of the original look at English is also very clear, and then a fool tutorial: Conceptual/appdistributionguide/introduction/introduction.html

4 Here we focus on how enterprises can publish their apps through Xcode in a virtual machine environment

Generally to this step must be their own web has been written, with Dropbox, to transfer their projects to the MAC system

Turn on Mac Terminal

refer to PhoneGap official website for instructions

Install first

$ sudo npm install -g phonegap
Then create the app
$ phonegap create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld
把你的项目WEB文件放在 wwww文件夹下
$ cd hello
$ phonegap build ios
Double-click the project file xx.xcodeproj, open this project, configure your key
Under Xcode, publish your device to select iOS device

Then click Product->archive

After verification can be uploaded, the only thing to note is to use the release key, as to how to apply key, how to deal with many online tutorials, we can find

Phonegap IOS-How to publish apps with virtual machines

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