Photoshop adds beautiful trendy Beam posters for beautiful women-PS tutorial

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Before creating a trend effect, you need to prepare more materials, such as Splash, beam, smoke, starlight, and other brushes or materials. When rendering, you do not need to add highlights to all the images. just select a few appropriate places around the characters for rendering. Final effect

1. open photoshop to create a 550*1100 pixel file. Select "gradient tool", set the gradient color # 0f0f0e to #010102, select "radial gradient", and draw the gradient from top to bottom on the canvas.

Create a new layer named "color", select the "chromatographic" default option with the gradient, draw a gradient from top to bottom, and then set the blending mode of the layer to "color ". Add a layer mask to the color layer, set the color of the radial gradient from white to black, and then draw a gradient.

2. select the "pattern stamp tool" to draw a line (Click here to download the drawing pattern), set the layer blending mode to "overlay", and the opacity is 50%.

3. paste "beauty" into the canvas and use the "free transform" tool to adjust the size and position.

4. click "Create New fill or adjust layer" at the bottom of the layer panel and select "color level", "color phase/saturation", and "brightness/contrast" for setting.

5. click "Add Layer style" at the bottom of the layer panel to set the external light. here, I changed the mode to "color fades ".

6. copy the "beauty" layer, set the fill to 0%, enter the outshine in the layer style, and change the mixed mode to "overlay" to see the comparison after the settings.

7. download some "splash fragments" brushes to create a new layer painting. Set the blending mode of the layer to "overlay" or "Soft Light". to obtain different shapes and positions, you can copy several layers.

8. I noticed that the bottom is still too dark here. create a new layer and use a soft angle paint brush. the color is blue. then, smear it on the girl's leg and set the blending mode of the layer to "strong light ", to bring light from the back. Set the opacity of the layer to 75%. After the completion of the call up the "color/saturation" to change the color, make it purple.

9. next we will make a colorful pen. press F5 to bring up the paint editor, select "color dynamics", and set the following settings. then we will draw the following lines on the canvas, of course, different colors must be adjusted during painting. Complete the trial of "color phase/saturation" and "color level" to make the color brighter.

10. I added two highlights to the canvas. I tried a larger soft angle paint brush, added the paint on the right and the lower left corner, and set the blending mode of the layer to "fade (add) if you are not satisfied, you can set the hybrid mode of the two spot layers to different types. Then, use the "bubble" brush to smear the bubble on the canvas.

11. use some highlights to download the paint brush and add these elements to the canvas.

12. download some "streamer" images from the Internet, paste the images to the canvas, and set the mixed mode to "filter color". if the light distortion you download is unsatisfactory, you can go to "filter> twist> waves" to make some distortion.

13. draw blocks, set opacity to 0, and add the style "stroke" and "outshine" layers, such as settings.

Final effect:

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