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As a busy designer, we have been pursuing efficient and agile design tasks, so how do we improve the efficiency of the UI design? This article will be from the software, habits, skills and other three aspects to illustrate the author of some of the summary of the experience.

Software articles

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. UI design to be more efficient, shortcut is from the most commonly used Photoshop (hereinafter referred to as PS) software starting.

PS software update quickly, but out of the pursuit of the stability of the version, the author does not have a new version of the habit of updating immediately. The emergence of PS cc version, but changed the author's view. With good PS CC, will be in the design of the efficiency of a significant increase.

1.Photoshop CC Highlights new features

Multiple shapes and path selection

With multiple shapes and path selections provided with Photoshop cc, you can select multiple paths, shapes, and vector masks at the same time, and do more with no more than a few mouse clicks. Even in multiple layers of complex image files with many paths, you can use the new filter mode to lock the path (and any layer) directly on the canvas.

Simple drawing dashes

PS CC does not need to manually compute pixels to draw dashed lines, and dashed drawing becomes the underlying control.

Text optimization

The old version of PS is not visible when using Microsoft's elegant black font. PS CC added WINDOWSLCD text options, edit the text when the choice of WINDOWSLCD, you can get the text appearance in PS Real preview effect.

Background storage and automatic recovery

With PS CC, you can store large PS files in the background while continuing to work, or you can retain your edits with a new automatic recovery option without disrupting your work.

PS software more efficient, large file processing faster

PS cc is optimized for code, and the efficiency of software calculation is greatly improved.

Editable rounded rectangles

PS cc generates 4 rectangles with different rounded corners, and the rounded corners are more accurately set.

More subtle strokes

Strokes can be accurate to 0.x, can do more exquisite effect.

2. Simply set up Photoshop CC

Having said so many good things, I also talk about problems. In the process of using PS cc, the author often encounters the problem of suspended animation, flash-back and collapse. The main reason for these problems is that most users are currently using a mechanical hard drive, and from the PS CS6 began to add a new feature in the background storage, the advantage of this feature is timed to your PSD file to save, But this function in the design of the time does not take into account the majority of users are currently using a 7200-speed mechanical hard drive. We usually do design draft is likely to open more than dozens of PSD files at the same time, if the current operation of the 10 PSD files are stored at the same time, and just we are also in the PS operation, the emergence of suspended animation, Flash back, collapse of the probability is very large.

So in order to use more stable, you can use PS cc before using the following settings, turn off the background storage function.

3.Photoshop CC Bug Checklist and workaround

In addition to shutting down the background store to reduce the problem of software crashes, the author also summarizes some PS cc FAQ based on work experience. Some of the problems can be resolved, but some of the problems remain to be optimized for the next version of the update.

Custom Articles

1. The same project as far as possible in a PSD

In the project unified function block, the function as far as possible saves in the same PSD, later uses will be more convenient, saves in the different PSD file search time.

2. Always keep the layer name, classify

Good classification, layer, naming habits, in the team cooperation PSD source file availability more efficient, future changes will also save time.

3. Use smart objects as much as possible

The advantage of a smart object is that it does not break the object after merging the object, but also allows the merged object to have an editable feature and a synchronous update function.

4. Add Mask in folder, Operation One-Step

In the folder mask, you need to change the picture in a folder, you can reduce the repeated adjustment mask and so on.

5. The output is as simple as possible

If the project has a naming standard recommended to be named after the standard, such as the project does not have a naming standard recommended by the easy to understand the Chinese naming method.

6. Install PSD thumbnail patch

Install PSD thumbnail patch, at a glance PSD file content, improve efficiency refuse to guess.

Skills Chapter

1. Compact shortcut keys

If you're willing to spend a little time practicing these shortcuts, freeing up your left hand on the keyboard, I'm sure it will make your job quicker and more efficient.

2. Set the isolation Layer shortcut key

The advantage of setting up an isolation layer shortcut is that it does not operate incorrectly on other layers after the isolation layer is entered.

Tip: After you enter the isolation layer, press CTRL to add the isolation layer to the other layers in the canvas.

3. Color-scale Solutions

We often use a large area gradient when we do the rendering, there are often more serious levels of color problems, usually when these obvious levels of color, you can use the Gaussian blur to the level of fuzzy processing.

4. Benefits of text boxes

When you need to deal with a large piece of text, the benefits of the text box will be reflected, it will always keep your font width neatly displayed.

5. Snap to pixels

At ordinary times when the icon will be used to two points one or three minutes or other proportions of the line, so the grid alignment function will generally be closed. When we do interface, we require more precise interface, so we usually turn on the grid alignment function.

Turn grid alignment on and off: ctrl+k to align vector tools with changes and pixel grids

6. Graphics can be merged

After the PS cc graphic layer is merged collectively, it is still an editable graphic.

Tip: Merge the layer shortcut key ctrl+e to quickly merge the selected layers.

With so much to say, PS CC is really a good software to help improve the efficiency of UI design. Of course, the above mentioned only for the author's personal experience summary, if there are errors and omissions are welcome to point out, is willing to communicate with you!

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