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Although the animation is simple, it is difficult to do well if you do not have a good grasp of the method. The author is smarter and more meticulous in observation. he keeps the structure at the bottom unchanged, and uses the two copies of the image deformation as the key frame. Then, after setting the color and deformation effect, the animation is simple, if you do not have a good grasp of the method, it is difficult to do well. The author is smarter and more meticulous in observation. The structure at the bottom remains unchanged, and the two figures copied here are used as the key frames. then, the color and deformation effect can be set.
Final effect

1. Use a shape tool to draw a rectangle, delete an anchor, and change it to a triangle.

2. use the four triangles to form an edges, and fill in the same color from the shortest to the deep ones in sequence.

3. window> Timeline. open the timeline Panel and click "create video timeline" in the middle.

4. name a layer, as shown in the following figure. copy 2 and 2 layers, name them 11,22, and convert the layers into intelligent objects.

5. expand the triangle on the left, 11, and 22 layers of the timeline panel. you can see the items of "transform", "opacity", and "style, this means that the timeline can record these changes on this layer.

6. click the stopwatch of the "transform" and "style" items, enable the key frame, and set the end of the work area to 2 seconds.

7. Move the slider on the time scale to the position and click the diamond in the red box on the left to add the key frame.

8. perform oblique deformation on layer 11: press Ctrl + T to perform deformation, then press Ctrl + Shif to move the mouse to the midpoint below the deformation box, and then the mouse turns to be shown, click to the right and drag it to the center of the Prism to perform similar operations on layer 22.

9. add a layer style to layer 11. set the color of Layer 3 to 50%. add the same layer style to layer 22, but set the color to the color of layer 4, the effect is as follows.

10. This step is the same as step 7, but the time slider is moved to the position.

11. This step is also deformed on layer 11 and layer 22 and changed to a triangle like Layer 3 and 4.

12. change the opacity of layers 11 and 22 to 100%.

13. set the playback mode to "loop playback". click the Timeline button to see the animation effect. If not, click here to download the source file.

Final effect:

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