Php and xml -- use WDDX function 2

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Php and xml -- use the WDDX function (2)

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XML and PHP. Chapter 1: using the WDDX function (2) (translated: f pink rabbit oicq: 1599377)

Enter WDDX
We are going to start using this WDDX function by manufacturing (please pay attention to the articles I have translated for the content of WDDX. No
Create our own XML interpreter or know the wddx dtd. We only need to use them as we like (the translation is exaggerated)
The WDDX function does not need to be supported by external library files, and the execution method is usually generated. The continuous and parallel operations are described in the WDDX package.
(Translation is a bit strange. I will improve it later. ^_^)

WDDX, the WEB Distributed Data Exchange, is an XML application, see the following:

"... It is a mechanism for exchanging a comprehensive data structure between application environments. It is planned to be designed in conjunction with WEB applications.
WDDX is composed of a language and a slave xml1. 0 basic inherited platform neutral features (? Defined using DTD) and for every ring using WDDX
Environment sets a continuous parallelization component. This process creates an XML request for the application data that is continuously called. This process
Demonstrate an application data (?) from a continuously called wddx xml request (?)."
(Reference: "WDDX Document Type Definition (DTD)" you are happy and
I don't hate poor translation skills. Wait for my WDDX Article ^_^)
WDDX has a simple DTD and can be used for Continuous Variables of different types. This DTD also recognizes the character type. Number. Cloth
Er type. Of course, there are arrays (only when you use numbers as indexes) and structures (when this index is a word
Is also called the Union array ). The integrated data structure can also be expressed (for example, arrays of arrays ).

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