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  This article mainly introduces the PHP automatic loading autoload Mechanism example, the file structure as follows, 2 ways to achieve automatic loading, the need for friends can refer to the following

1, custom functions   2,spl_autoload_register ()     code as follows: liuyuan@ebuinfo:/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload$ LL./*- rw-rw-r--1 Liuyuan Liuyuan  800 Feb 11:39./func_autoload.php-rw-rw-r--1 Liuyuan Liuyuan  906 Feb 19 11:28 /spl_autoload.php  /include:total drwxrwxr-x 2 Liuyuan liuyuan 4096 Feb-11:42./drwxrwxr-x 3 Liuyuan Liuy Uan 4096 Feb 19 11:43. -rw-rw-r--1 Liuyuan Liuyuan  142 Feb 11:42 aclass.php-rw-rw-r--1 Liuyuan Liuyuan  143 Feb-11:42 BClas s.php     First look at the Custom Function mode:     code as follows: <?php     define (' EOL ', (php_sapi = ' cli ')? Php_eol: ' </br> ');     Print_r (Get_included_files ());     Echo EOL;     Print get_include_path ();     Echo EOL;    //set_include_path (Get_include_path (). Path_separator. ' /var/www/ly_php/php_spl/include/');    //set_include_path (dirname (__file__). /include ');    //set_include_path (dirname (__file__). /include/');       function __autoload ($className) {        $filename = './include/'. $className. ' PHP ';        //$filename = './include/'. $className. PHP ';        //$filename = '/var/www/ly_php/php_spl/include/'. $className. PHP ';         if (file_exists ($filename)) {            include_once $filename;        }else{            exit (' no file ');         }    }       $a = new AClass ();     $b = new Bclass ();     Print_r (Get_included_files ());?>     The results are as follows: The   code is as follows: liuyuan@ebuinfo:/var/www/phpgcs/ php_autoload$ php func_autoload.php  Array (    [0] =>/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload/func_ autoload.php)  .:/ Usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear AClass is loaded Bclass is loaded Array (    [0] =>/VAR/WWW/PHPGCs/php_autoload/func_autoload.php     [1] =>/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload/include/aclass.php     [2] =>/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload/include/bclass.php)     The second way:   code as follows: <?php   &NBSP ; Class myloader{        public static function AutoLoad ($className) {        &NBSP ;   $filename = './include/'. $className. PHP ';             if (file_exists ($filename)) {              &NB Sp Include_once $filename;            }else{                exit (' no file ');                     {   }       define (' EOL ', (Php_sapi = = ' cli ')? Php_eol: ' <br/> ');       Spl_autoload_register (Array (' Myloader ', ' autoload '));      /**     *__autoload method in Spl_autoload_rEgister will fail because the AUTOLOAD_FUNC function pointer has pointed to the Spl_autoload method     * You can add the _autoload method to Autoload_functions list & nbsp   *    //spl_autoload_register (' __autoload ');         error_reporting (e_all^e_notice^e_warning^e_error);     Error_reporting (E_notice | e_warning);       $a = new AClass ();     Print_r (Get_included_files ());     Echo EOL;     $b = new Bclass ();     Echo EOL?>     Running results are as follows: The code is as follows: liuyuan@ebuinfo:/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload$ PHP spl_autoload. php  AClass is loaded Array (    [0] =>/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload/spl_autoload.php     [1] =>/var/www/phpgcs/php_autoload/include/aclass.php)   Bclass is loaded  
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