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JAVA is a very powerful programming tool and its extension Library is also very useful. This tutorial mainly describes how to use PHP to call a powerful JAVA Class Library (classes ). For your convenience, this tutorial will include JAVA installation and some basic examples.
Installation in windows
Step 1: install JDK. This is very easy. You only need to press enter to install JDK. Perform the following steps.
Add "PATH = % PATH %; C: jdk1.2.2in" to the AUTOEXEC. BAT file under Win9x.
Add "; C: jdk1.2.2in" to the environment variable in NT/Win2000.
This step is very important, so that PHP can correctly find the JAVA class to be called.
Step 2: modify your PHP. Ini file.
Extension = php_java.dll
Java. library. path = c: webphp4extensions
Java. class. path = "c: webphp4extensionsjdk1.2.2php _ java. jar; c: myclasses"
Add extension = php_java.dll to PHP. INI.
In [java], set java. class. path to point to php_java.jar. If you use the new JAVA class, you should also store the path. In this example, we use the c: myclasses directory.
Step 3: Create the following php file in the Test environment:
$ System = new Java ("java. lang. System ");
Print "Java version =". $ system-> getProperty ("java. version ")."";
Print "Java vendor =". $ system-> getProperty ("java. vendor ")."";
Print "OS =". $ system-> getProperty ("OS. name ")."".
$ System-> getProperty ("OS. version"). "on ".
$ System-> getProperty ("OS. arch ")."";
$ Formatter = new Java ("java. text. SimpleDateFormat", "EEEE,
MMMM dd, yyyy 'at' h: mm: ss a zzzz ");
Print $ formatter-> format (new Java ("java. util. Date "))."";
If the installation is correct, you will see the following information:
Java version = 1.2.2
Java vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.
OS = Windows 95 4.10 on x86
Wednesday, October 18,200 0 at 10:22:45 AM China Standard Time
In this way, we have successfully established a PHP runtime environment that can use the JAVA class, and we can start our next course.

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