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Here is the source code, and its related explanations

URL is the full picture address of the remote, cannot be empty, $filename is saved as the picture name
By default, the image is placed in the same directory as this script.
function Grabimage ($url, $filename = "") {
Returns False if $url is empty;
if ($url = = "") {return false;}
$ext = STRRCHR ($url, "."); /Get the extension of the picture
if ($ext! = ". gif" && $ext! = ". jpg" && $ext! = ". bmp") {echo "format not supported!) "; return false;}
if ($filename = = "") {$filename = time (). " $ext ";} Named by Time stamp
Start capturing
Ob_start ();
ReadFile ($url);
$img = Ob_get_contents ();
Ob_end_clean ();
$size = strlen ($img);
$FP 2 = fopen ($filename, "a");
Fwrite ($fp 2, $img);
Fclose ($fp 2);
return $filename;
Grabimage ("Http://", "as.gif");

Related description:

Ob_start: Turn on output buffering
This function would turn output buffering on. While output buffering are active no output is sent from the script (other than headers), instead the output is stored in a n Internal buffer. (Output is buffered in-house)
ReadFile: Read in a file and write to output buffer
Returns the number of bytes read from the file. If an error returns false and the error message is displayed unless it is called in the form of @readfile ().

Ob_get_contents:return the contents of the output buffer (returns the contents of the buffered content)
This would return the contents of the output buffer without clearing it or FALSE if output buffering isn ' t active. (returns FALSE if the output buffer is not active (open))
Ob_end_clean (): Clean (erase) The output buffer and turn off output buffering (clear out buffer)
This function discards (discarded) the contents of the topmost output buffer and turns off this output buffering. (Discard and turn off) If you want to further process the buffer's contents you had to call Ob_get_contents () before Ob_end_clean () as the Buffe R contents is discarded when Ob_end_clean () is called. (If you want to use buffered content, call Ob_get_contents () first before cleaning out the output buffer) The function returns TRUE when it successfully discarded one buffer and FALSE o Therwise. Reasons for failure is first, you called the function without an active buffer or that for some reason a buffer could Not being deleted (possible for special buffer). true techarticle The following is the source code, and its related explanations? PHP//url is a remote full picture address, cannot be empty, $filename is saved as the picture name//default put the picture in this script the same target ...

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