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PHP design mode factory, Singleton, registered tree mode, PHP design mode

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namespaces : Isolating classes and functions, php5.3 later

Phpnamespace Test5; The //namespace must be the first statement of the program script, except for declarefunction Test () { __file__;}
Phpnamespace Test6; function Test () { __file__;}
    Require ' test5.php ';  Require ' test6.php '; Test5\test (); Test6\test ();  

class Auto-load : After php5.2

Spl_autoload_register (' Autoload1 '); TEST5::test (); TEST6::Test ();  function Autoload1 ($classrequire __dir__. ' /'. $class. " php ';}       

PSR-0 Specification :

    • Namespaces must be consistent with absolute paths
    • The first letter of the class name must be uppercase
    • In addition to the entry file, the other ". PHP" must have only one class.

Develop a framework that complies with PSR-0 specifications

SPL Standard library :

PHP chained Operation :

  Phpnamespace Baobab; class database{    function where ($where) {        return$this ;    }         function Order ($order) {        return$this;    }         function Limit ($limit) {        return$this;    }}? >

$db = new Baobab\database ();
$db->where (' id = 1 ')->order (' ORDER by id ')->limit (1);

Magic Method:

    • __get/__set: Takes over object properties. __set () is called when a value is assigned to an inaccessible property, and __get () is called when the value of the Inaccessible property is read.
    • __call/__callstatic: When a non-accessible method is called in an object, __call () is called, and __callstatic () is called when a non-accessible method is called in a static manner.
    • __tostring: Converting a class into a string
    • __invoke: The __invoke () method is called automatically when an object is called as a function call.


 Phpnamespace Baobab;class Object{    protected $array=Array(); function__set ($key,$value){        $this-Array[$key] =$value; }    function__get ($key){        //echo __method__;        return $this-Array[$key]; }        function__call ($func,$param){        //var_dump ($func, $param);        return' Magic function '; }        Static function__callstatic ($func,$param) {        //var_dump ($func, $param); return' Magic static function '; }        function__tostring () {return __class__; }        function__invoke ($param) {        return Var_dump($param); }    }


$obj new baobab\Object(); $obj->title = ' Hello '; Echo $obj, title; Echo $obj->test1 (' Hello ', 123); Echo $obj:: Test1 (' Hello1 ', 1234); Echo $obj ; Echo $obj (' test1 ');

1. Three basic design Patterns

    • Factory mode: Use factory methods or classes to produce objects instead of directly new in code


  Phpnamespace Baobab; class factory{    staticfunction  createdatabase () {        $dbNew  Database ();         return $db ;    }}


$db = baobab\factory::createdatabase ();
$db 1 = baobab\factory::createdatabase ();
$db->limit ($limit);
    • Singleton mode: Allows an object of a class to create only one


  Phpnamespace Baobab; class database{       protectedstatic$db;         Private function __construct () {            }        staticfunction  getinstance () {          If (self::$db) {            return to self::$db;        } Else {            //Self is a pointer to the class itself, that is, the--is not pointing to any object that has already been instantiated (:: domain operation symbol)            :$db New Self ();             return self::$db;        }    }


$db = Baobab\database::getinstance ();
    • registration mode: Resolves global shares and swap objects, registers objects on the global tree, and can be accessed directly from anywhere


  Phpnamespace Baobab; class register{    protectedstatic$objects;     Static function Set ($alias$object) {        self::$objects[$ Alias$object;    }         Static function _unset ($alias) {        unset(self::$objects[  $alias]);    }         Static function Get ($name) {        return self::$objects[$ Name];}    }
//Register DB to the registration tree $db );      


$db = baobab\register::get (' db1 '); true techarticle PHP design mode factory, Singleton, registered tree mode, PHP design mode Source Code Pro Font easyphp namespace: Isolation classes and Functions, php5.3 later//test5.php? phpnamespace Test5 ...

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