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  This article mainly introduces the PHP exception handling use example, the code explains the common error and the fatal error capture and the processing method, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

    Code as follows: <?php//Prohibit error output error_reporting (0); Set Error processor Set_error_handler (' ErrorHandler '); Register_shutdown_function (' Fatalerrorhandler '); Class test{Public Function index () {//Here is a warning error, starting errorhandler  echo $undefinedVarible;} function ErrorHandler ( $errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline) {  $arr = array (  '. Date (' y-m-d h-i-s '). '] ',   ' http:// ',   ' |,   $ERRSTR,   $errfile,   ' line: '. $errline,  );  //Write error Log//format:   Time URI | Error message file location The first few lines  error_log (Implode (', $arr). " RN ", 3, './test.txt ', ' Extra ');  echo implode (", $arr)." RN ";  //Capture FatalError function Fatalerrorhandler () {  $e = Error_get_last ();  switch ($e [' type ']) { case E_error:  case e_parse:  case e_core_error:  case e_compile_error:  case E_USER_ERROR:   ErrorHandler ($e [' type '], $e [' message '], $e [' file '], $e [' line ']);   break; }} $test = new test (); A warning error occurred here, captured by ErrorHandler $test->Index (); A fatal error occurred, the script stopped running the trigger fatalerrorhandler  $test = new TESDT (); $test->index ();
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