PHP extension development (I) DEMO

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PHP extension development (I) DEMO
# Getting started 1. download the PHP source code (my version is 5.6.13) 2. Compile and install the code regularly [see my previous blog] ( ) 3. use ext_skel "cd phpsrc/ext. /ext_skel -- extname = name // name indicates the name of the extension you want to write. below we are all t2 "prompt" 1. $ cd .. 2. $ vi ext/t2/config. m43. $. /buildconf4. $. /configure -- [with | enable]-t25. $ make6. $. /sapi/cli/php-f ext/t2/t2.php7. $ vi ext/t2/t2.c8. $ make "follow the prompts to perform operations. in the second step, we should modify config. lines 10, 11, and 12 of m4 remove dnl [I understand ZEND as a scheme for commenting] at this time, we can compile and install "/usr/local/php/bin/phpize // execute phpize. /configure -- with-php-config =/ Usr/local/php/bin/php-configmake make install "in php. enable the file in ini. your module will be loaded. check php-m. you can find that the t2 module has been loaded # encoding (hello world). but currently, this extension has no function. So we need to add new features. At this time, we can write the t2.c File (of course, you can also write it in another file, include in t2.c) "PHP_FUNCTION (t2_hello) {printf ("hello world \ n");} "after re-compiling, run php-r" t2_hello (); ". why? Because we did not load t2_hello to the function list prototype: "typedef struct _ zend_function_entry {char * fname; void (* handler) (handler); unsigned char * func_arg_types;} zend_function_entry; "> The parameter description fname is provided to the function name called in PHP. For example, mysql_connecthandler is responsible for processing the pointer of this interface function. Func_arg_types indicates the parameter. It can be set to NULL. we add a line "static const zend_function_entry t2_functions [] = {// Add {NULL, NULL, NULL}" PHP_FE (t2_hello, NULL)> Note: The last item of zend_function_entry must be {NULL, NULL, NULL}. the Zend Engine determines whether the function list has been exported. Then re-compile and run php-r "t2_hello ();" At this moment, our hello world! There is not much time to complete this. next time we will talk about the processing of variable and parameter value transfer. There are several magic methods (zend_module_entry) in the module ).

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