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PHP Blowfish algorithm encryption and decryption for your reference, the specific contents are as follows

<?php/** * PHP blowfish algorithm * Class Blowfish/class blowfish{/** * Blowfish + CBC mode + PKCS5 complement encryption * @param  String $str data that needs to be encrypted * base64 encrypted data after @return string encryption */Public Function Blowfish_cbc_pkcs5_encrypt ($str) {$cipher
  = Mcrypt_module_open (Mcrypt_blowfish, ', MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, ');
  PKCS5 Complement $size = Mcrypt_get_block_size (Mcrypt_blowfish, MCRYPT_MODE_CBC);
  $str = $this->pkcs5_pad ($str, $size);
   if (Mcrypt_generic_init ($cipher, $this->key, $this->iv)!=-1) {$cipherText = Mcrypt_generic ($cipher, $STR);
   Mcrypt_generic_deinit ($cipher);
  Return Base64_encode ($cipherText);
 } mcrypt_module_close ($cipher); /** * Blowfish + CBC mode + PKCS5 decryption to complement * @param string $STR Encrypted data * @return String decrypted data */Public Function B
  Lowfish_cbc_pkcs5_decrypt ($str) {$cipher = Mcrypt_module_open (Mcrypt_blowfish, ', MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, '); if (Mcrypt_generic_init ($cipher, $this->key, $this->iv)!=-1) {$cipherText = MDECrypt_generic ($cipher, Base64_decode ($STR));
   Mcrypt_generic_deinit ($cipher);
  return $this->pkcs5_unpad ($cipherText);
 } mcrypt_module_close ($cipher);
  Private Function Pkcs5_pad ($text, $blocksize) {$pad = $blocksize-(strlen ($text)% $blocksize); Return $text.
 Str_repeat (Chr ($pad), $pad);
  Private Function Pkcs5_unpad ($str) {$pad = Ord ($str [($len = strlen ($STR))-1]);
 Return substr ($str, 0, strlen ($str)-$pad); }

Blowfish encryption algorithm in PHP use the second example

<?php $cipher = Mcrypt_module_open (Mcrypt_blowfish, ', MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, ');
 The block-size of the Blowfish algorithm is 64-bits therefore we IV/is always 8 bytes: $iv = ' 12345678 ';
 $key 256 = ' 1234567890123456ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP ';
 $key 128 = ' 1234567890123456 ';
 printf ("IV:%s\n", Bin2Hex ($IV));
 printf ("key256:%s\n", Bin2Hex ($key 256));
 printf ("key128:%s\n", Bin2Hex ($key 128));
 $cleartext = ' The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog ';
 printf ("Cleartext:%s\n\n", $cleartext); Do 256-bit Blowfish encryption://The Strengh of the encryption are determined by the length of the key//passed to Mcrypt_generic_init if (Mcrypt_generic_init ($cipher, $key 256, $IV)!=-1) {//PHP pads with NULL bytes if $cleartext
  Is isn't a multiple of the block size ...
  $cipherText = Mcrypt_generic ($cipher, $cleartext);
  Mcrypt_generic_deinit ($cipher);
  Display the result in hex.
 printf ("256-bit blowfish encrypted:\n%s\n\n", Bin2Hex ($cipherText)); }//128-Bit Blowfish encryption:if (Mcrypt_generic_init ($cipher, $key 128, $iv)!=-1) {//PHP pads with NULL bytes if $clear
  The text is not a multiple to the block size ...
  $cipherText = Mcrypt_generic ($cipher, $cleartext);
  Mcrypt_generic_deinit ($cipher);
  Display the result in hex.
 printf ("128-bit blowfish encrypted:\n%s\n\n", Bin2Hex ($cipherText)); }//-------//Results//-------//You could use this as test vectors for testing your Blowfish implementations.
 . iv:3132333435363738//KEY256:313233343536373839303132333435364142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F50//key128:3132 3334353637383930313233343536//Cleartext:the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog///256-bit Blowfish-Encrypt Ed://276855ca6c0d60f7d9708210440c1072e05d078e733b34b4198d609dc2fcc2f0c30926cdef3b6d52baf6e345aa03f83e/////128- Bit Blowfish encrypted:// D2B5ABB73208AEA3790621D028AFCC74D8DD65FB9EA8E666444A72523F5ECCA60DF79A424E2C714FA6EFBAFCC40BDCA0?>

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