PHP knowledge base graph Summary (under improvement), Knowledge Base Graph

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PHP knowledge base graph Summary (under improvement), Knowledge Base Graph

The basic syntax is not summarized.


Classic algorithm:

Bubble algorithm, quick algorithm, binary search


String processing:

String search

String sorting


Session and Cookies:

Session does not support cross-origin, and Cookies support cross-origin;

The Session is based on Cookies. If you disable Cookies, you cannot obtain the sid, and you will not be able to work;

Session can store more information, but the cookie storage information is limited;

Cookies are relatively insecure;


Date functions:



Difference between Include and Require:

The file referenced in require must exist. If it does not exist, the program will not be able to include the referenced file. If it does not exist, it will only give a warning;

The file specified by require is a part of the PHP program webpage. This method can also be used to introduce common functions into webpages for execution. When the program web page reads include files, it will be executed.

Require is generally used to ensure system integrity.

Do not use once.



Generate Xml and read Xml ----> Use php to read xml files


Generate Json, read Json


Rich Text Security Processing:

The htmlspecialchars () function converts some predefined characters into HTML objects.

The predefined characters are:

& (And number) becomes & amp;

"(Double quotation marks) into & quot;

'(Single quotes)'

<(Less than) to become <;

> (Greater than) to become & gt;






Database link:

Mysqli connection, Pdo connection, common functions, basic addition, deletion, modification, query statements, and database connection


File Management:

File upload and download (it may be a problem if you click to download the file directly. If it is a txt file or an image, it will be opened directly), file path, file suffix, file judgment, folder judgment, upload plug-in (Uploadify, Keditor)


Image processing:

Image uploading, text watermark, image watermark, image watermark Position Control, Image Blur (Gaussian Blur)



Custom Functions

One-way encryption: Md5 encryption, Crypt, Base64

Bidirectional encryption: Encode


Data collection:

Curl Function


Email sending:

PHPMailer mail sending class


Third-party login:

Technical Principles of Oauth2.0, QQ interconnection, Weibo login, and login


Use and production of Apis:

Api principles

Api usage

Api Creation


QR code production:



Chart creation:



Code encryption:

Zend Guard



Performance Optimization:

1. Redis and MemCache

2. Apache settings

3. Database Optimization

4. Php code optimization

5. hardware optimization

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