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This article introduced a PHP Senior engineer interview problem, before the programmer's Home ( introduced a lot of PHP interview questions, here to provide a PHP senior engineer's face test, a bit difficult, need to refer to the friend. Featured: PHP Face questions and Answers

PHP Senior Engineer Face question

1, the meaning of several status codes in the basic Knowledge Point HTTP protocol: 503 500 401 200 301 302 ... Include require include_once require_once differences. Several versions of Php/mysql's evolutionary history, such as mysql4.0 to 4.1,php 4.x to 5.1 significant improvements and so on. Heredoc introduces some of the magic methods of PHP, and some of the Configure parameters to PHP when compiling PHP parameters to pass the two methods. (MySQL) Please write the meaning of the data type (int char varchar datetime text); What is the difference between varchar and char; debug functions such as error_reporting use have you ever used version control software? What is the name of the version control software you are using? The POSIX and Perl standard regular expression differences, and where Safe_mode is restricted when opened. Write code to solve the problem of multiple processes/threads reading and writing a file at the same time. Write the code that uploads the file. The difference between MySQL's storage engine, MyISAM and InnoDB.

2,web architecture, security, project experience introduction Xdebug,apc,eaccelerator,xcache,zend opt experience. With Mod_rewrite, when the physical file is not/archivers/567.html on the server, redirect to index.php?id=567, first open mod_ Rewrite.mysql database for publishing system storage, a day more than 50,000 increments, the estimated operation of three years, how to optimize? Write a sort algorithm (principle) and say how to optimize it. Please briefly describe your most proud of the development of the site for the large traffic, you adopt what method to solve the page traffic statistics problem have you ever used a template engine? What is the name of the template engine you are using? Please introduce the principle of session, what should be noticed in the session of large website? Tools for testing PHP performance and MySQL database performance, and ways to find bottlenecks. The regular presents all the links in a Web page.

Introduce the principle of a common SSO (single Sign-on) scenario, such as DEDECMS integrated Discuz Passport. The characteristics of the PHP framework that you have written, the main solution to what the problem, and the different points of the other frameworks.

Large forum/News article system/sns What is the difference in performance optimization? Album class application: Required in the browser can simultaneously select and upload multiple files, picture requirements can be clipped, compressed package on the server side decompression. Can upload a single file up to 50M. A progress bar is displayed during the upload process. Each image can generate four sizes of thumbnails, video files to be converted to FLV for flash playback. Describe the various types of open source software and simple uses to be covered.

A group of monkeys in a circle, according to 1,2,...,n sequentially numbered. Then, starting from the 1th, Count to M., Kick It Out of the loop, start counting from behind it, Count to M., and Kick It out ... and so on, until the last monkey is left, the monkey is called the King. Requires programming to simulate this process, enter M, N, and output the number of the last king. Simulate the process with a program.

3,unix/linux basically uses Linux to view the current system load information in some ways. Basic shortcut keys for VIM. SSH security enhancement method, password mode and RSA key mode configuration. Rpm/apt/yum/ports Pack, query, delete the basic commands. Makefile's basic format, GCC compilation, connection commands,-o0 and-o3 differences. Basic use of gdb,strace,valgrind.

4, front-end, HTML,JSCSS box model. The prototype in JavaScript. The scope of this object in JavaScript. The difference between IE and Firefox event bubbling. What is weird mode, Standard mode, near Standard mode. The DTD definition Ie/firefox the front-end js/css debugging tools commonly used Hack.firefox,ie.

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