Php date and time functions

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PHP extension date and time related functions Daquan checkdate-verify a greaguri date

Date_add-alias DateTime: add

Date_create_from_format-alias DateTime: createFromFormat

Date_create_immutable_from_format-alias DateTimeImmutable: createFromFormat

Date_create_immutable-alias DateTimeImmutable ::__ construct

Date_create-alias DateTime ::__ construct

Date_date_set-alias DateTime: setDate

Date_default_timezone_get-gets the default time zone used by all the datetime functions in a script.

Date_default_timezone_set-sets the default time zone used for all date and time functions in a script.

Date_diff-alias DateTime: diff

Date_format-alias DateTime: format

Date_get_last_errors-alias DateTime: getLastErrors

Date_interval_create_from_date_string-alias DateInterval: createFromDateString

Date_interval_format-alias DateInterval: format

Date_isodate_set-alias DateTime: setISODate

Date_modify-alias DateTime: modify

Date_offset_get-alias DateTime: getOffset

Date_parse_from_format-Get info about given date formatted according to the specified format

Date_parse-Returns associative array with detailed info about given date

Date_sub-alias DateTime: sub

Date_sun_info-Returns an array with information about sunset/sunrise and twilight begin/end

Date_sunrise-return the sunrise time of the given date and location

Date_sunset-return the sunset time of the given date and location

Date_time_set-alias DateTime: setTime

Date_timestamp_get-alias DateTime: getTimestamp

Date_timestamp_set-alias DateTime: setTimestamp

Date_timezone_get-alias DateTime: getTimezone

Date_timezone_set-alias DateTime: setTimezone

Date-format a local time/date

Getdate-get date/time information

Gettimeofday-get current time

Gmdate-format a GMT/UTC date/time

Gmmktime-obtain the UNIX timestamp of the GMT Date

Gmstrftime-format GMT/UTC time/date based on region settings

Idate-format the local time and date as an integer

Localtime-get local time

Microtime-returns the current Unix timestamp and number of microseconds

Mktime-obtain the Unix timestamp of a date

Strftime-format local time/date based on region settings

Strptime-parse the date/time generated by strftime

Strtotime-parses the date and time descriptions of any English text into Unix timestamps

Time-returns the current Unix timestamp

Timezone_abbreviations_list-alias DateTimeZone: listAbbreviations

Timezone_identifiers_list-alias DateTimeZone: listIdentifiers

Timezone_location_get-alias DateTimeZone: getLocation

Timezone_name_from_abbr-Returns the timezone name from abbreviation

Timezone_name_get-alias DateTimeZone: getName

Timezone_offset_get-alias DateTimeZone: getOffset

Timezone_open-alias DateTimeZone ::__ construct

Timezone_transitions_get-alias DateTimeZone: getTransitions

Timezone_version_get-Gets the version of the timezonedb

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