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All the time in the project shows the 2014-10-20 10:22 looks very stiff. In micro-blog, QQ space and other sites will usually show a few seconds ago, a few minutes ago, hours ago, such as easy to read time, we call it a friendly time format. So how to use PHP to achieve it?

The general idea is as follows:

If it is a span year and is greater than 3 days, it is displayed as a specific time

If it's Today's

If it's in a minute, then a few seconds ago,

If it's within an hour, a few minutes ago.

If it is the same day and is greater than one hour, it is displayed a few hours ago

If it was yesterday, it would show the time yesterday.

If the day before yesterday, show the day before yesterday

If it is greater than three days (no span years), it will appear for a few months.

Based on the above ideas it is not difficult to write the implementation code:

The implementation code is as follows:

Format friendly display time

function Formattime ($time) {

$now =time ();

$day =date (' y-m-d ', $time);

$today =date (' y-m-d ');

$DAYARR =explode ('-', $day);

$TODAYARR =explode ('-', $today);

The distance of the number of days, this method more than 30 days is not necessarily accurate, but 30 days is accurate, because one months may be 30 days or 31 days

$days = ($TODAYARR [0]-$dayArr [0]) *365+ (($todayArr [1]-$DAYARR [1]) *30) + ($TODAYARR [2]-$DAYARR [2]);

Number of seconds in distance

$secs = $now-$time;

if ($todayArr [0]-$dayArr [0]>0 && $days >3) {//span year and more than 3 days

Return date (' y-m-d ', $time);


if ($days <1) {//Today

if ($secs <60) return $secs. ' seconds ago ';

ElseIf ($secs <3600) return floor ($secs/60). " Minutes ago ";

else return floor ($secs/3600). " Hours ago ";

}else if ($days <2) {//yesterday

$hour =date (' h ', $time);

Return "Yesterday" $hour. ' Point ';

}elseif ($days <3) {//the day before yesterday

$hour =date (' h ', $time);

Return "The day before yesterday" $hour. ' Point ';

}else{//three days ago

Return date (' m-month d ', $time);




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