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You're going to laugh at me. "Downloading files" is worth saying so easily? Of course it's not as simple as you think. For example, if you want the customer to fill out a form, can download a file, your first idea must be "Redirect" method, first check whether the form has been completed and complete, and then the Web site to the file, so that customers can download, such as the author wrote the following code:


Check whether the form is fully completed ...

if ($form _completed) {

Header ("Location:");




or the following:

"<a href=" "> Start download File </a>"

This takes the ID method to receive the number of files to download, and then connects to the actual URL in a "Redirect" manner.

If you want to do a "online shopping" E-commerce site, consider security issues, you do not want users to directly copy the URL to download the file, I suggest you use PHP directly read the actual file and then download the method to do. The procedure is as follows:


$file _name = "Info_check.exe";

$file _dir = "/public/www/download/";

if (!file_exists ($file _dir. $file _name)) {//check whether the file exists

echo "File not found";


} else {

$file = fopen ($file _dir. $file _name, "R"); Open File

Input File Label

Header ("Content-type:application/octet-stream");

Header ("Accept-ranges:bytes");

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