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PHP is also 20 years old, and PHP is also 20 years old. PHP is also 20 years old, and PHP is also 20 years old. many of the world's famous programming languages are too old. For example, PHP is 20 years old after its birthday yesterday, Python is 24 years old, HTML is 20 years old, and PHP is also 20 years old.

Many world-renowned programming languages are old enough. For example, PHP's birthday was 20 years old, Python was 24 years old, HTML was 22 years old, and Ruby and JavaScript were 20 years old, java has just passed its 20th anniversary some time ago, and the C language has reached the age of 43.

PHP (full name: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, that is, "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is an open-source general-purpose computer scripting language, especially for web development and can be embedded in HTML. The PHP syntax draws on the characteristics of popular computer languages such as C language, Java and Perl, and is easy for general programmers to learn. The main goal of PHP is to allow network developers to quickly write dynamic pages, but PHP is also used in many other fields.

PHP was initially developed by ldorf in 1995 and officially named "Personal Home Page Tools" in June 08, 1995 for the first time using the name "PHP.

Currently, PHP standards are maintained by the PHP Group and open source community. PHP uses PHP License as the License agreement.

PHP is widely used, especially in the development of web applications. Generally, PHP runs mostly on web servers and generates web pages viewed by users by running PHP code. PHP can run on most servers and operating systems, and PHP is free of charge. According to statistics in April 2013, PHP has been installed on more than 0.2 billion 44 million websites and 2.1 million servers.

Related parameters:

  • Programming paradigm: Object-Oriented and imperative programming
  • Designer: rasms ldorf
  • Implementer: The PHP Group
  • Type System: Dynamic and weak
  • Supported languages: C, Perl, Java, C ++, and Python
  • Affected language: Php4delphi
  • Operating system: cross-platform
  • License: PHP License
  • Website:


  • Are you a PHP programmer? When did I start learning PHP?
  • What attracts you with PHP?

Today, many of the world's most famous programming languages are old enough. For example, PHP is 20 years old after its birthday yesterday, Python is 24 years old, and HTML is already in service...

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