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Zend Optimizer (ZO) uses code optimization methods to speed up the execution of PHP 4.0 applications. The principle of implementation is to optimize the code generated by the Run-Time Compiler before it is finally executed.
Optimization can improve your profitability
Generally, PHP programs that use ZO are 40% to 100% faster than those that do not use ZO. This means that the visitor of the website can browse the webpage faster, so as to complete more transactions and create better customer satisfaction. Faster response also means saving hardware investment and enhancing the services provided by the website. Therefore, using ZO improves the profitability of e-commerce.

ZO can bring many benefits to PHP users, especially those who operate websites. Quick running of the PHP program can significantly reduce the server's CPU load and reduce the response time by half, that is, the time between the visitor clicking the link to the server and reading the page.

System requirements
The current version of ZO (Beta 4) can only run under PHP 4.0.

The operating system requirements are as follows:
-Glibc2.1-based x86 Linux systems (Red Hat 6.1, Mandrake 7.0, Slackware 7.0, and SuSE 6.1)
-Glibc2-based x86 Linux (Red Hat 5.2, SuSE 6.1)
-X86 Linux system based on libc5 (Slackware 4.0, Debian 1.3.1r8)
-ISCSI Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8
-FreeBSD 3.4 and 4.0
-Windows NT 4.0 (excluding Windows of other versions)
The requirements for PHP are as follows:
-PHP 4.0.0: Other versions are not supported.
-Both CGI and Apache modules are supported.
-In Windows, PHP must: 1) be a ready-made WIN32 execution version downloaded from the; 2) include the "Release_Ts" (Release Thread Safe) option at compile time.

Installation process
1. Compile PHP. Do not add debugging options. Otherwise, ZO will not work. Add the -- disable-debug option to the configuration.
2. Copy the ZendOptimizer. so file to your machine, usually in:/usr/local/Zend/lib.
3. Add the following two lines to the php. Ini file and do not contain any spaces:
Zend_optimizer.optimization_level = 7
Zend_extension = "/usr/local/Zend/lib/ZendOptimizer. so"
4. Restart the Apache server.
1 download windows php 4.0.0 from the, which does not contain debugging features.

2. Copy the ZendOptimizer. dll file to your machine, usually in: C: Program Filesendlib.
3. Add the following two lines to the php. Ini file and do not contain any spaces:
Zend_optimizer.optimization_level = 7
Zend_extension_ts = "C: Program FilesendlibendOptimizer. dll"
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