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[PHP] learning and teaching in PHP (01. opening part-preparations ). Let me introduce myself to you first. my name is Haishu and the English name is Hetty. my hobby is ...... Okay, stop it. skip it to avoid being scolded. Maybe someone may wonder why I want to introduce myself first. my name is Haishu and the English name is Hetty. my hobby is ...... Okay, stop it. skip it to avoid being scolded.

Some may wonder why the name of the tutorial is "learning and teaching with PHP? The reason is very simple. I also want to learn, share, and make progress together.

I remember a mentor saying to me: "You will be greatly improved while teaching others !" Therefore, the purpose of writing this bad tutorial is very clear: 1. consolidate your basic PHP knowledge; 2. hope to help you as much as possible. (In this case, you must share your learning experience with others !)

This small tutorial will not go deep into the theoretical knowledge that is impressive, but will only learn some of the most basic and practical things. This is because these things are easy to get started. once you get started, you will be able to get started without a teacher and continue to learn deeply. I will prepare a large number of instances to explain the syntax, and each statement will explain in detail what is used and how to use it, so that everyone can be clear, clear, and not dizzy. In the next three days, let everyone learn to write the address book with the database, and then write the message book and common modules such as the member system.

The tutorial will be updated regularly on the official website www.hetty.cn every day, so that everyone can learn new things every day. For details about the tutorial, click "quick classification"> "PHP" after you enter the site. you can post comments to the daily tutorials, such as sharing your learning experience, if you have any questions in the tutorial, or if you have any shortcomings in the tutorial, you need to correct them. In short, it focuses on communication. Or that sentence: Learning, communicating, and making progress together!

You can copy and reprint this tutorial at will, but please note the author and its source, and be considerate of the author's hard work. Of course, you can't do it without specifying it. Well, after talking so much nonsense, it's time to turn to the question. let's get started.

What is PHP:First, you may want to know what PHP is? In fact, you don't have to go into depth. you just need to know the full English name of PHP and check its English meaning. it's a strange and troublesome thing. as long as you know that PHP is used for dynamic websites, it can update your website online and store data and obtain data. After learning it, you no longer need to create a webpage on one page, and you can implement many interesting functions based on your ideas.

Why PHP:So why should we use PHP? well, I personally think it is my personal preference. PHP, ASP, JSP, and the popular ASP.net have their own advantages. we cannot reject any one, that's irrational. White cat, black cat, can catch mouse is good cat. If you have learned this, either of them can implement your ideas.

Okay. now we need to make some preparations to download some stuff and configure the PHP environment before we can continue learning PHP. Note that the following software is updated frequently and may have different versions. the tutorial images are for reference only.

1. Apache official download:Http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi
• Find the following on the webpage •

Note: If the operating system you are using is Unix, download the Unix Source. There are two of them. they are only in different formats, either of which can be downloaded. if your operating system is Windows, download the Win32 Source or Win32 Binary (MSI Installer). The first one is in ZIP compression format, and the second is the Installer, which is a bit dumb. Because I am using a Windows operating system, for example, to facilitate installation, we download: Win32 Binary (MSI Installer)

2. official PHP download:Http://www.php.net/downloads.php
• Find the following on the webpage •

Here we will not describe more here. we will download the zip compressed file of PHP 5.2.0 ZIP package for installation as an example.

3. MySQL official download:Http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/
• Find the following on the webpage •

• After entering the next page, find the following section •

There are no more instructions here. find Windows Essentials (x86) and click Download on the right to Download it directly.

4. official download of Zend Optimizer:Http://downloads.zend.com/optimizer/
Haha, it was very troublesome to download it. I deducted an address here to see the download interface for all versions and the latest version. The latest version is 3.0.2. click it, then you will see a bunch of different installation packages, we only need one of them: ZendOptimizer-3.0.2-Windows-i386.exe to download it.
• UI •

If you do not care about the latest version, click here to download it directly:

5. official download of Smarty:Http://smarty.php.net/download.php
• Find the following on the webpage •

Note: If you click Smarty 2.6.14 sourcebravely, you can download it without authorization because it is in the tar.gz format. You can use the "right-click the link and save the target as" to download the file, or use tools such as Xunlei to download the file. After downloading the SDK, you can use the WinRAR compression software. Latest Stable Release indicates the Latest version.

6. official phpMyadmin download:Http://www.phpmyadmin.net
• Find the following on the webpage •

You can see the latest phpMyadmin version. click zip and select a server to Download it. we recommend that you select Asia (Asian server) and click Download to Download it.

7. official download of Appserv:Http://www.appservnetwork.com/(click Download next to the official website)
Or click here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? Group_id = 37459 & package_id = 29748
• Find the following on the webpage •

Click appserv-win32-2.5.7.exe to download the package directly. you can also click that little green stuff to download the package from a server near the point. Have you found that the official Appserv addresses are not consistent? Oh, it seems strange.

Why do I have to go to the official website to download these stuff? Some people may say that Baidu and Google can search everywhere. isn't it faster and more convenient? Well, I want to tell you the reason for this: download the file directly from the official address to avoid virus files, more importantly, you can download the latest version and observe the version updates. Of course, this does not mean that the latest is the best.

Well, here we have finished all our preparations. it's really rare for everyone to patiently read this small tutorial and take a rest. put the downloaded items in a folder and save them. In the next article, we will explain how to configure the PHP environment in Apache, how to configure the PHP environment in IIS, and how to configure Appserv in the dummies configuration method. Remember to follow the latest tutorial at www.hetty.cn.

-- Hetty)

Click to download the world document for this tutorial.

Bytes ...... Okay, stop it. skip it to avoid being scolded. Maybe someone will wonder why you are teaching...

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