PHP Learning from scratch-fourth day

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Writing this series of articles is mainly to urge themselves to daily quantitative digestion of some knowledge!

At the same time, in order to let the people need to learn something ~!

I really do not have high technology! There may be errors in this article! I hope you can remind me and everyone after the discovery!

Secretly, the final goal of this tutorial is to implement a PHP framework (though it may be far away for me!). ~

Yesterday we built a virtual mainframe and managed to run it.

Today I'm going to write a program in this virtual host

Last built virtual host in Directory Upupw/vhosts/www.test.local (later www.test.loacl the domain name of the virtual host you built for the last lesson)

We'll open our upupw/vhosts/www.test.local with Phpstrom.

First select Open Directory

And then we opened the project.

Create a new PHP file we call him lesson1.php. (Translation Lesson: class, Course)

After you click

Once created, clicking on the file will enter the edit mode of the file.

First command Echo

ECHO is an output statement in PHP that can enclose the string output string in quotation marks.

For example

<?phpecho ' Hello World ';

The page will then output a Hello World

Don't believe me? Try?


Note that each command in PHP is added ";" Don't forget! ~

PHP Learning from scratch-fourth day

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