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/** Use the Phpmailer class to send a letter step: 0: Introduce 1: Instantiate 2: Configuration attribute 3: Call sent **/require ('./phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php ');     $phpmailer = new Phpmailer ();  /* Set the way to Phpmailer credit can be used under the win Mail () function to use Linux under the Sendmail,qmail component can be used to send the SMTP protocol to the account, to send * * * $phpmailer->issmtp (); Use SMTP protocol to send $phpmailer->host = ' '; $phpmailer->smtpauth = true;  $phpmailer->username = ';  Send the account number of the mailbox (with 163 email letter account) $phpmailer->password = '; Send the password of the mailbox//can post a letter $phpmailer->charset= ' utf-8 '; $phpmailer->from = ' '; $phpmailer->fromname = ' Neverkill '; $phpmailer->subject = ' Superstart Aseoe ';   $phpmailer->body = ' Network-focus on front-end development and PHP programming design. ' Setting up the addressee $phpmailer->addaddress (' ', ' Neverkill ');   Add a CC $phpmailer->ADDCC (' ', ' Aseoe '); Letter Echo $phpmailer->send ()? ' Ok ': ' Fail ';

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PHP to see if the message has been read

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