Php obtains the start and end timestamps of today, yesterday, last week, and this month.

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Php obtains the start and end timestamps of today, yesterday, last week, and this month.

  1. // Php obtains the start timestamp and end timestamp of today.
  2. $ BeginToday = mktime (0, 0, 0, date ('M'), date ('D'), date ('Y '));
  3. $ EndToday = mktime (0, 0, date ('M'), date ('D') + 1, date ('Y')-1;
  4. // Php obtains the start timestamp and end timestamp of yesterday.
  5. $ BeginYesterday = mktime (0, 0, 0, date ('M'), date ('D')-1, date ('Y '));
  6. $ EndYesterday = mktime (0, 0, 0, date ('M'), date ('D'), date ('Y')-1;
  7. // Php obtains the last week's start timestamp and end timestamp.

  8. $ BeginLastweek = mktime (0, 0, 0, date ('M'), date ('D')-date ('w') + 1-7, date ('Y '));

  9. $ EndLastweek = mktime (23, 59, 59, date ('M'), date ('D')-date ('w') + 7-7, date ('Y '));

  10. // Php obtains the start timestamp and end timestamp of the current month.

  11. $ BeginThismonth = mktime (0, 0, 0, date ('M'), 1, date ('Y '));

  12. $ EndThismonth = mktime (, 59, 59, date ('M'), date ('t'), date ('Y '));

The following describes how to use the mktime () function.

The PHP mktime () function is used to return the Unix timestamp of a date.

Syntax mktime (hour, minute, second, month, day, year, is_dst)

Parameter description hour is optional. The specified hour. Minute is optional. Minutes. Second is optional. Specified seconds. Month is optional. Indicates the month in number. Day is optional. Specified day. Year is optional. Specified year. In some systems, the valid value ranges from 1901 to 2038. However, this restriction does not exist in PHP 5. Is_dst is optional. If the time is in the daylight saving time (DST) period, it is set to 1; otherwise, it is set to 0. if it is unknown, it is set to-1.

The is_dst parameter has been deprecated since 5.1.0. Therefore, the new time zone processing feature should be used.


The parameter always represents the GMT date, so is_dst has no effect on the result.

The parameters can be left empty from right to left. the blank parameters are set to the corresponding current GMT value.

Note: If the parameter of this function is invalid before PHP 5.1, false is returned.

Note: This function is useful for date calculation and verification. It can automatically correct out-of-range input, such as: echo (date ("M-d-Y", mktime (,); output result: jan-05-2014

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