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Get the current URL through PHP, if you need to extract the parameters in the URL how to operate it? This process is actually quite simple, using PHP's two built-in functions can be successfully completed, that is, Parse_url and PARSE_STR functions. The two functions are briefly described below and examples show how to extract the parameters from the URL.

(1) Parse_url (PHP 4, PHP 5)-parse URL, return its component, function prototype as follows:

Mixed Parse_url (string $url [, int $component =-1])

This function resolves a URL and returns an associative array containing the various components that appear in the URL.

This function is not used to verify the legality of a given URL, but to decompose it into the sections listed below. An incomplete URL is also accepted, and Parse_url () tries to parse it as correctly as possible.

Parameter description

The URL to parse for the URL. Invalid characters will be replaced with _.

component Specifies Php_url_scheme, Php_url_host, Php_url_port, Php_url_user, Php_url_pass, Php_url_path, Php_url_query, or PHP_ One of the url_fragment to get a string for the part specified in the URL. (An integer value is returned, except when specified as Php_url_port.)

return value

The severely unqualified url,parse_url () may return FALSE.

If the component argument is omitted, an associative array array is returned, and at least one element is currently in the array. There are several possible keys in the array:

Scheme-such as HTTP
Query-at question mark? After
Fragment-After the hash symbol #

If the component parameter is specified, Parse_url () returns a string (or returns an integer when specified as Php_url_port) instead of an array. If the component specified in the URL does not exist, NULL will be returned.

(2) Parse_str-parse the query string into a variable, the function prototype is as follows:

Parse_str (String,array)

Parameter description

String required. Specify the string to parse.

Array is optional. Specify the array name of the stored variable. This parameter indicates that the variable is stored in the array. If the array parameter is not set, the variable set by the function overrides the variable with the same name.

Note: The MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC setting in php.ini affects the output of this function. If enabled, the variable is converted by addslashes () before Parse_str () is parsed.

(3) The specific extraction of the parameters in the URL examples are as follows:

$url = ' ';
$urlarr =parse_url ($url);
Parse_str ($urlarr [' query '], $parr);
Print_r ($urlarr);
Print_r ($parr);

The results of the printing are as follows:

[Scheme] => http
[Host] =>
[Path] =>/ad.php
[Query] => id=325&action=index&page=3
[ID] => 325
[Action] => index
[Page] => 3

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