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// Create a DBASE data table

Int dbase_create (string filename, array fields)
// Open the DBASE data table

Int dbase_open (string filename, int flags)
// Close the DBASE table

Boolean dbase_close (INT dbase_identifier)
// Clear the DBASE data table

Bool dbase_pack (INT dbase_identifier)
// Add records to the DBASE data table

Bool dbase_add_record (INT dbase_identifier, array record)
// Delete the records of the DBASE data table

Bool dbase_delete_record (INT dbase_identifier, int record)
// Obtain the DBASE Data Table Record

Array dbase_get_record (INT dbase_identifier, int record)
// Obtain the number of fields in the DBASE data table

Int dbase_numfields (INT dbase_identifier)
// Obtain the number of records in the DBASE data table

Int_dbase_numrecords (INT dbase_identifier)
// Open the Directory and return a dir_handle

Int opendir (string path)
// Close the directory connection marked by dir_handle

Void closedir (INT dir_handle)
// Change the current working directory

Int chdir (string directory)
// Obtain the current working directory

String getcwd (void)
// Round the dir_handle back to the beginning

VOD rewinddir (INT dir_handle)
// Read directories one by one from dir_handle

String readdir (INT dir_handle)
// Obtain the free disk space of the file system in which path is located, in bytes

Double diskfreespace (string directory)
// Change the owner of the file

Bool chown (string filename, mixed user)
// Change the group attribute of a file

Bool chgrp (string filename, mixed group)
// Modify file attributes

Bool chmdo (string filename, int Mode)
// Set the file modification time

Bool touch (string filename, int [time])
// Get the object access permission (return in octal format)

Int fileperms (string filename)
// Obtain the I-node (index node) information of the file

Int filenode (string filename)
// Obtain the file size

Int filesize (string filename)
// Obtain the UID value of the object

Int fileowner (string filename)
// Obtain the GID value of the object

Int filegroup (string filename)
// Obtain the file type. The possible types returned include FIFO, Char, Dir, block, Link, file, and unknown.

String filetype (string filename)
// If the object meets the property specified by XXX, true is returned. XXX is Dir, executable, file, Link, readable, writeable, etc.

Bool is_xxx (string filename)

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