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PHP Resource summary dependency management on Github

?? Packages and frameworks for dependency management
Composer/Packagist: a package and dependency manager
Composer Installers: a multi-framework Composer Library installer
Pickle: you can install the PHP extension package on any platform.

Additional part of dependency management

?? Other dependency management tools
Satis: static Composer library generator
Composition: A runtime library that checks the Composer environment
Version: a library for semantic analysis and comparison
NameSpacer: the database that converts an underscore to a namespace.
Patch Installer: Library for installing patches using Composer
Composer Checker: A tool used to verify the Composer configuration


?? Web development framework
Symfony2: framework composed of independent components
Zend Framework 2: A Framework composed of independent components
Laravel 4: simple and elegant PHP Web development framework
Aura PHP: Framework of independent components
Yii2: High-Performance PHP framework for developing large Web applications
Nette: a framework composed of independent components.
PPI Framework 2: An Interactive Framework
Phalcon: A Framework for C extension

Additional parts of the framework

?? Other tools related to the Web development framework
Symfony CMF: a content management framework for creating custom CMS
Knp RAD Bundle: fast application package for Symfony2 (RAD)

Framework components

?? Components from the Web development framework
Symfony2 Components: about Symphony2 Components
Zend Framework 2 Components: ZF2 Components
Aura Components: a PHP5.4 component package
Hoa Project: Another PHP component package


?? Micro-Framework and routing
Silex: miniature framework based on Symphony2 components
Slim: another simple micro-frame
Bullet PHP: a micro-framework for building REST APIs
Fast Route: quick Route selection Library
Pux: another fast route selection Library

Additional part of the micro-frame

?? Other related micro-frameworks and routes
Silex Skeleton: Project framework for Silex
Silex Web Profiler: Web Debugging toolbar for Silex
Stack: stackable middleware library for Silex/Symphony
Slim Skeleton: Framework for Slim
Slim View: Slim's custom View gallery
Slim Middleware: set of custom Middleware of Slim


?? Templates and lexical analysis libraries and tools
Twig: a comprehensive template language
Twig Cache Extension: Template segment Cache library for Twig
Mustache: the Mustache template language implemented by PHP
Phly Mustache: Another Mustache template language implemented by PHP
MtHaml: HAML template language implemented by PHP
PHPTAL: PHP-implemented TAL template language
Plates: an original PHP template library
Lex: a lightweight template parser

Static site builder

?? A preprocessing tool for generating Web page content
Sculpin: a tool for converting Markdown and Twig to static HTML
Phrozn: another tool for converting Textile, Markdown, and Twig into HTML


?? Used for HTTP and website crawling
Guzzle: a complete HTTP client
Buzz: Another HTTP client
Requests: a simple HTTP library
HTTPFul: a chained HTTP client
Goutte: a simple Web capture
Php vcr: a library for recording and replaying HTTP requests


?? URL-resolved Library
Purl: a URL operation Library
PHP Domain Parser: A local suffix Parser


?? Library used to send and parse emails
SwiftMailer: A mail program solution
PHPMailer: another mail program solution
Fetch: an IMAP Library
Email Reply Parser: an Email Reply Parser library
Stampie: The mail service library, such as SendGrid, PostMark, MailGun, and Mandrill.
CssToInlineStyles: an inline CSS library in the mail template


?? About file processing and MIME type check
Gaufrette: Abstraction layer of a file stream
Flysystem: Abstraction layer of another file stream
Canal: a library that checks internet media.
Apache MIME Types: a library for parsing Apache MIME Types
Ferret: a MIME detection Library
Hoa Mime: Another MIME detection Library
Lurker: A Resource Tracking Database
PHP File Locator: a library for locating files in large projects
PHP FFmpeg: a library used for FFmpeg video packaging
CSV: a CSV data operation Library


?? Stream processing database
Streamer: A Simple Object-oriented stream packaging Library

Dependency Injection

?? Libraries that implement dependency injection design patterns
Pimple: a small dependency injection container
Auryn: another small dependency injection container
Orno Di: a scalable dependency injection container
Php di: a dependency injection implemented using annotation
Acclimate: Common Interface for Injection containers and service locators


?? Image processing library
Imagine: an image processing database
PHP Image Workshop: Another Image processing library
Intervention Image: It is also an Image processing library.
GIF Frame Extractor: a library that extracts GIF animation Frame information.
GIF Creator: Creates a GIF animation library from multiple images.
Image With Text: the library for embedding Text in images
Color Extractor: Library for extracting colors from images


?? Test Code Library and the library that generates test data
PHPUnit: a unit test framework
DBUnit: PHPUnit code test Library
ParaTest: parallel test library of PHPUnit
PHPSpec: standardized unit test Library
Codeception: a full-stack testing framework
AspectMock: PHPUnit/Codeception simulation framework
Atoum: a simple test Library
Mockery: a simulated object library for testing
Phake: Another simulated object library for testing
Prophecy: A powerful simulation framework
Faker: a pseudo-data generation database
Samsui: another pseudo-data generation Library
Alice: a library used to generate complex data
Behat: a behavior-driven development (BDD) testing framework
Pho: another test framework for behavior-driven development
Mink: Web acceptance test
HTTP Mock: a library that simulates HTTP requests in unit tests
VFS Stream: a virtual file system Stream package for testing
VFS: another virtual file system used for testing
Locust: a modern load testing library developed by Python

Continuous integration

?? Continuous integration of libraries and applications
Travis CI: a continuous integration platform
PHPCI: an open-source continuous integration platform for PHP
Sismo: a continuous test server Library
Jenkins: a continuous integration platform supported by PHP
JoliCi: Docker-supported continuous integration client developed by PHP


?? Library for generating project documents
Sami: an API document generator
APIGen: Another API document generator
PHP generator entor 2: document builder
PhpDox: a document builder for a PHP project (not just an API document)


?? Databases used to generate secure random numbers, encrypt data, and scan vulnerabilities
HTML Purifier: a standard HTML filter
RandomLib: Library for generating random numbers and random strings
True Random: database that uses to generate Random numbers
SecurityMultiTool: a PHP Security Library
PHPSecLib: a pure PHP secure communication Library
TCrypto: a simple key-value encryption repository
Php ids: a structured PHP Security layer
Php ssh: Object-Oriented SSH packaging Library
IniScan: a security tool for scanning php ini files
SensioLabs Security Check: a Web tool that checks Composer dependencies based on Security recommendations
Zed: an integrated penetration testing tool for Web applications


?? Databases and tools for processing and storing passwords
Password Compat: a compatible library for the new PHP5.5 Password function
Phpass: a portable password hash framework
PHP Password Lib: a library used to generate and verify passwords
Password Policy: a PHP and JavaScript code repository
Password Validator: the database used to verify and upgrade the Password hash.
Zxcvbn PHP: a PHP display password strength estimation library based on Zxcvbn JS

Code analysis

?? Tools used to analyze, parse, and operate code libraries
PHP Parser: a PHP Parser written in PHP
PHPPHP: a PHP virtual machine implemented by PHP
PHPSandbox: PHP sandbox environment
Dissect: a collection of lexical and syntax analysis tools
PHP Mess Detector: a library that scans code bugs, minor code, and unused parameters
PHP Code Sniffer: a library for detecting standard conflicts between PHP, CSS, and JS Code
PHPCPD: a library for detecting, copying, and pasting code
PHP Analyser: a library used to analyze errors in PHP code
Php cs Fixer: a standard code library
PHP Manipulator: library used to analyze and modify PHP source code
PHP Metrics: a static measurement Library
PHP Refactoring Browser: a command line tool used to refactor PHP code
UBench: a simple small benchmark test Library
Athletic: A annotation-based benchmark test Library
Mondrian: a graph-based code analysis tool
Scrutinizer: a Web tool for checking PHP code
PHPLOC: a tool to quickly evaluate the PHP project size
XHprof: Another PHP performance evaluation tool
PHPCheckstyle: a tool that helps comply with specific code rules


?? Libraries and tools for code debugging
XDebug: a PHP debugging and analysis tool
PHP Debug Bar: a debugging toolbar
PHP Console: Web Debugging Console
Barbushin PHP Console: A Web Debugging control tool using Google Chrome
PHPDBG: an interactive PHP debugger
Tracy: a simple error detection, logging, and time measurement Library

Build tools

?? Project building and automation tools
Go: A simple PHP build tool
Bob: a simple project automation tool
Phake: a PHP Clone Library
Box: A tool used to build PHAR files
Phing: build a system based on Apache Ant's PHP project

Task Runner

?? Library for automatically running tasks
Task: a pure PHP Task runner based on Grunt and Gulp
Robo: object-oriented PHP task runner
Bldr: PHP task runner built on the Symphony component


?? Tools for building navigation structures
KnpMenu: a menu Library
Cartographer: a library for generating site maps

Resource management

?? Tools used to manage, compress, and minimize website resources
Assetic: a resource management pipeline Library
Pipe: Pipeline library managed by another resource
Munee: A Resource Optimization Library
JShrink: a minimal JavaScript library
Puli: a database that detects the absolute path of a resource.

Geographic positioning

?? Database that uses the latitude and longitude encoding address
GeoCoder: A geocode Library

GeoTools: a database related to a geographic tool

PHPGeo: a simple geographic database
GeoJSON: implementation of a GeoJSON

Date and time

?? Databases that process dates and times
Carbon: a simple date and time API extension
ExpressiveDate: another date and time API extension
CalendR: A Calendar Management Library


?? Library implemented by event-driven or non-blocking event loops
React: an event-driven non-blocking I/O library
Rx. PHP: A response Extension Library
Ratchet: a Web socket Library
Hoa WebSocket: another Web socket Library
Hoa EventSource: an event Source Library
Evenement: an event scheduling Library
FuelPHP Event: another Event scheduling Library


?? Library used to generate and process log files
Monolog: a complete log tool
KLogger: an easy-to-use PSR-3 log class


?? Databases and applications used to pay for and build online e-commerce stores
OmniPay: a multi-Gateway payment processing framework
Payum: an abstract library for payment.
Sylius: an open-source e-commerce solution
Thelia: another open-source e-commerce solution
Money: The Fowler Money mode implemented by PHP
Sebastian Money: a library for processing currency values
Swap: an exchange rate Database


?? Libraries and software for processing PDF files
Snappy: a library for generating PDF files and images
WKHTMLToPDF: a tool for converting HTML to PDF


?? Database interaction database using object link ing (ORM) or data ing technology
Doctrine: A complete DBAL and ORM
Doctrine Extensions: an extension set of Doctrine behavior
Propel: a quick ORM for migrating and querying databases
Eloquent: Laravel 4 ORM
Baum: a nested set of Eloquent
Spot2: MySQL ORM er
RedBean: a lightweight and easy-to-configure ORM
Pomm: an object model manager for PostgreSQL
ProxyManager: a collection of tools used for data ING to generate proxy objects


?? Databases used to manage database modes and migrate data
PHPMig: a migration management Library
Phinx: a database migration management database
Migrations: another migration management database
Doctrine Migrations: migration library for Doctrine


?? Process the NoSQL back-end database
MongoQB: a MongoDB build database
Monga: an abstract MongoDB database
Predis: a fully functional Redis database


?? Databases that process events and task queues
Pheanstalk: a Beanstalkd client library
Php amqp: a pure php amqp Library
Thumper: a RabbitMQ mode Library
Bernard: a multi-backend abstract Library


?? Database and software related to data indexing and query execution
ElasticSearch PHP: the official client library for ElasticSearch
Elastica: another client library of ElasticSearch
Solarium: Solr client library
SphinxQL query builder: sphsf-search engine query Library

Command line

?? Build a command line tool library
Boris: a micro PHP REPL
PsySH: Another PHP REPL
Pecan: an event-driven, non-blocking kernel
GetOpt: Select a parser for a command line
OptParse: Select parser for another command line
Commando: a simple command line parser
GetOptionKit: also a command line parser
Cron Expression: database used to calculate the cron running date
ShellWrap: a simple command line packaging Library
Hoa Console: another command line Library
Shunt: a command line Library that runs concurrently on multiple remote machines
Cilex: build a small framework of the command line tool


?? Databases that implement the authentication mode
Sentry: A Framework for identity authentication and authorization
Sentry Social: a library used for Social network authentication
Opauth: a multi-supply authentication framework
Oau22. an oau2id verification server, Resource Server, and client database.
Oau2server: an oau22.
PHP oAuthLib: another OAuth Library
TwitterOAuth: Also an OAuth Library
TwitterSDK: a fully tested Twitter SDK
Hawk: A Hawk HTTP authentication Library
HybridAuth: an open-source social login Library


?? Process the marked database
Decoda: a lightweight tag parsing library
PHP Markdown: Markdown parser
CommonMark PHP: A Markdown parser that supports CommonMark spec
Dflydev Markdown: another Markdown parser
Parsedown: It is also a Markdown parser.
Ciconia: A Markdown parser that supports the Github style
Cebe Markdown: a fast and scalable Markdown parser
HTML5 PHP: a library for HTML5 parsing and serialization


?? Database for parsing and manipulating strings
ANSI to HTML5: a library that converts ANSI to HTML5
Patchwork UTF-8: Portable Library for processing UTF-8 format strings
Hoa String: a String library in another UTF-8 format
Stringy: a multi-byte string operating Library
Color Jizz: a library for processing and converting colors
UUID: the UUIDs Library.
Slugify: a library that converts strings to slug format.
Urlify: A Django URLify. js PHP port
Text: a Text processing library
SQL Formatter: a library used to format SQL statements
UA Parser: a library used to parse user strings


?? Database for processing numbers
Numbers PHP: a library for processing Numbers
Math: A database that processes large numbers
ByteUnits: a library for parsing, formatting, and converting byte units in binary and measurement systems
PHP Units of Measure: a library for converting between measurement Units
PHP Conversion: a library for Conversion between other measurement units
LibPhoneNumber for PHP: PHP-implemented Google phone number processing system Library

Filtering and verification

?? Database used to filter and verify data
Filterus: a simple PHP filter Library
Respect Validate: a simple validation Library
Valitron: another data verification database
Upload: a library for file Upload and verification.
DMS Filter: a tag-based Filter Library
MetaYaml: a schema validation library supporting YAML, JSON, and XML
ISO-codes: verifies libraries with different ISO and ZIP codes


?? Library and Web framework for developing REST-ful APIs
Apigility: an API builder built using Zend Framework2
Hateoas: a hateoas rest web service Library
HAL: a hyper text Application Language (HAL) build Library
Negotiation: a content Negotiation Library
Drest: a database that presents Doctrine entities as REST resource nodes.
Restler: a lightweight framework that shows PHP methods as RESTful web APIs


?? Database of cached data
Alternative PHP Cache (APC): PHP open source operation code Cache
Cache: a Cache Library
Stash: Another cache Library

Data structure and storage

?? Database that implements data structure and storage technology
Ardent: a data structure Library
PHP Collections: a simple collection Library
Serializer: database used for serialization and deserialization of data

PHP Object Storage: a library for Object Storage

Fractal: a database that converts complex data structures to JSON output.

Totem: a database for managing and creating data modification sets

PINQ: PHP real-time Linq Library
JsonMapper: a library that maps embedded JSON structures to PHP classes.


?? About notification software library
Nod: a notification Library
Notificato: a library for processing push messages
Notification Pusher: Independent Library for device push notifications
Notificator: a lightweight notification Library


?? Library used for project deployment
Pomaner: a PHP application deployment tool
Rocketeer: PHP's quick and simple deployment tool
Envoy: a tool for running SSH tasks using PHP
Plum: a deployment Library

Third-party API

?? Access third-party API Library
Amazon Web Service SDK: Official php aws sdk Library
S3 Stream Wrapper: Stream packaging library of Amazon S3
Stripe: official Stripe PHP library
Campaign Monitor: Official Campaign Monitor PHP library
Digital Ocean: a library for interacting with Digital Ocean APIs
Github: a library for interacting with Github APIs
PHP Github API: Another library that interacts with Github API
Twitter OAuth: a library for interacting with Twitter's OAuth workflow
Twitter REST: a library for interacting with Twitter's REST APIs
Dropbox SDK: Official PHP Dropbox SDK Library
Twilio: official Twilio PHP REST API
Mailgun: official Mailgun PHP API


?? Help build PHP extended libraries
Zephir: a compilation language used to develop PHP extensions between PHP and C ++.
Php cpp: a C ++ library used to develop PHP extensions

PHP installation

HomeBrew: OSX package manager
HomeBrew PHP: a HomeBrew PHP connector
Php osx: PHP installer for OSX
PHP Brew: a PHP version management and installer
PHP Env: a PHP version manager
PHP Switch: Another PHP version manager
PHP Build: a PHP version installer
Composer PHP: a tool used to create and manage an independent PHP development environment

Development Environment

Vagrant: a portable development environment tool
Ansible: a very simple compilation framework
Puppet: a server automation framework and application
PuPHPet: a Web tool for building PHP virtual machines
Protobox: another Web tool used to build PHP virtual machines
Phansible: a Web tool that uses Ansible to build PHP to develop virtual machines

Integrated Development Environment IDE

?? Integrated development environment supporting PHP
Netbeans: supports PHP and HTML5 IDE environments
Eclipse for PHP Developers: php ide based on the Eclipse platform
PhpStorm: commercial PHP IDE

Web applications

?? Web-based applications and tools
3V4L: An Online PHP kernel
DBV: a database version control application
PHP Queue: a backend application for Queue management
Composer as a Service: a tool used to download the Composer package as a zip file
MailCatcher: a Web tool for capturing and browsing emails

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