PHP runtime environment configuration and development environment configuration (Graphic tutorial)

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I was prompted to be a blogger before. I suggest you set up an article for the PHP development environment. Of course, most of us are developed on windows platforms,
So today, I am building a PHP debugging and development environment on the Windows platform. Please forgive me for writing poorly.
1. The general steps are as follows:
1. Download Materials
1) download wamp
2) download the development tool ZendStudio
2. Installer
1) install wamp
2) install the development tool ZendStudio
3. Configure the environment
4. PHP debugging
5. PHP development environment

Ii. Detailed steps

1. Download Materials
1) download WAMP
WAMP refers to the installation of Apache Web Server (A) and MySQL database (M) and PHP script engine (P) in Windows (W) the established PHP network server environment, of course, must be better than the WAMP environment in the LAMP environment, but because of the ease of use of Windows, when we develop or test some CMS in the early stage, it is even more convenient and practical to use the WAMP environment. WAMP is a combination of these software to form a powerful Web application platform.
2) download the development tool ZendStudio
Zend Studio is an integrated PHP development environment. It has powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools. It supports PHP syntax highlighted display, automatic syntax filling, and bookmarks, supports automatic syntax reduction and code copying. It has a powerful built-in PHP code debugging tool that supports both local and remote debugging modes and multiple advanced debugging functions.
Download windows Zend Studio 8.0.1

2. Installer
1) WAMP Installation Steps

Download WAMP

Select the WAMP installation path or the default path.

SMP server address

PHP Mail Server default Email

Set to start the browser.

After the installation is complete, the image is displayed.

3. Configure the environment

After the installation is complete, the default value is English.

Set the WAMP language. You can set other languages. Of course, we set the language to Chinese)

After WAMP is restarted, it will be in Chinese. You can use WAMP to configure the PHP environment.

Add an Alias directory (just like configuring a virtual directory on IIS)

Add an Alias directory name.

Set the physical path to which the Alias directory name points.

4. PHP debugging

Add the Index. php file to the C: \ wamp \ phpDemo folder. Then you can write PHP code in index. php.

Enter Http: // localhost/in the address bar of the browser. If you can see the PHP server configuration information, your PHP server configuration is successful.

You can directly access http: // localhost/Demo to view the index. php program you just compiled. Displays the page execution result.

2) PHP development tool ZendStudio installation Diagram

The Installation Process of Zend Studio is very simple. Click "Next" and "Next.

After the installation is complete, you can add a PHP project and compile your PHP website. When creating a PHP project, you must enter the project name and retention path.

You can add a PHP file in the project. Compile the PHP page.

5. PHP development environment

Click Run to view the PHP page execution content in Zend Studion IDE.

If PHP has errors in writing, you can know the number of rows in the PHP file at runtime. Debugging is also very convenient.

The above is the PHP configuration environment and development environment. Each step is illustrated and there are not many text descriptions. If you want to learn more, you can also find more information on your own.

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