PHP Training navigator brothers join IT education to launch the Brotherhood education model

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: This article mainly introduces the IT education model launched by brothers of PHP training pilots. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, refer to IT. As we all know, there is no free lunch in the world. Even with free PHP education, people will be brainwashed by saying "cheap, good, and cheap. People tend to think that expensive goods can reflect the value of an item. In fact, this statement is not comprehensive.
Brothers IT Education Association today launched a pure free education model. Members joining the Brotherhood do not have to pay a penny. But there is one condition: the Brotherhood's screening qualifications are very strict, and no one wants to enter. The Brotherhood that joins brothers in IT education must meet the following conditions:
1. programmers who have been engaged in the software development industry for more than two years, the thicker the background, the better. there is no direction or language restriction.
2. students who have graduated from brothers.
3. graduates of more than two online projects in college computer science are recognized as technical experts.
As long as you are energetic, clear-minded, eager for the future, willing to endure hardship, good character, obeying the arrangement, you can come to the fraternity to show yourself.
Strict apprenticeship conditions determine that the Brotherhood only serves as a high-end project. members of the Brotherhood do not have to worry about whether they can learn anything. Five members of the Brotherhood are in one group. Brothers, Big Bull mentors (Li Chao, Li Ming, Gao Luofeng, and Chen Yulong), together with talented people from the company, are trained together. many members are also trained on one member, with more than enough teachers to truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude. So where can we find the money for the brothers?
During their learning and growth, members of the Brotherhood will gradually gain access to projects, participate in paid projects, and receive high labor remuneration. Pure free does not mean it has no value or no cost. resources provided by the Brotherhood, including NB mentors, office spaces and office supplies on the tall buildings, accommodation, and powerful platform resources, all expenses are borne by the fraternity.

Some people may wonder if the Brotherhood is doing charity? No, the Brotherhood only wants to lower the tuition threshold, so that more people who want to improve their technology and have a higher development space can have a chance. Most of the members trained by the fraternity are internal staff trained by the brothers. some of them help cooperative enterprises cultivate talents, exchange resources with enterprises, and establish long-term cooperation, it is a normal and rational investment of brothers.
In enterprises, some new employees cannot do this, and those with work experience are not necessarily suitable. Only the talents trained according to their own needs are the best, which is recognized by the company. However, few companies do this because of high costs, long periods of time, and no professional trainer. Brothers have a strong group of famous teachers. these lecturers, trained by programmers themselves, are technically competent, have a strong logic, and have a great passion for class. in this way, they can become China's most distinctive IT training institution.
Brothers can outsource or transfer the talent they train to enterprises for resource exchange. As a project manager and CTO in the future. Bright Future, for the majority of programmers fighting in the front-line, not only free from the pain of working overtime and staying up late, but also more time to enjoy life. The free membership of brothers in IT education gives you better opportunities to improve yourself.

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The above section introduces the IT education model for the PHP Training navigator, including some content, and hopes to help those who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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