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In Linux, PHP5.6 compilation parameters are explained in detail. during PHP compilation in Linux, there are quite a number of option parameters. today, I make up my mind./configure -- help> help.txt exports and translates a compilation option list for later reference.

SAPI modules (php sapi interface module option ):

Most of them are related to web services such as apache and nginx.

-- With-aolserver = DIR AOLserver installation path -- with-apxs = FILE compile the path where the sharing module of apache1.x is stored -- with-apache = DIR compile the module of apache1.x, set here to the apache software root directory -- enable-mod-charset enable apache mod_charset (for apache in Russian) -- with-apxs2filter = FILE to compile the sharing filter module of apache2.0, here it is set to the path of apache apxs tool -- with-apxs2 = FILE to compile modules that share the apache2.0 handler, here we set the path to apache apxs -- with-apache-hooks = FILE-shared apache1.0 hook module. Here we set it to the path of apache apxs tool -- with-apache-hooks-stati C = DIR here is set to the path of apache apxs tool -- disable-cli disable command line mode (php-cli) -- with-continuity = DIR compile php as a continuous service module. The parameter is the root directory for the Continuity Server installation -- enable-embed = TYPE to create an embedded SAPI Library. The parameters are shared and static -- enable-fpm. when the fpm mode is enabled (for services such as nginx) -- with-fpm-user = USER fpm running, the default value is nobody -- with-fpm-group = GRP fpm running group. The default value is nobody -- with-fpm-systemd to activate the system integration function, when it is enabled, fpm can report some information to the system -- with-fpm-acl uses the POSIX access control list, effective from version 5.6.5 -- with-isapi = DIR: Create an ISAPI module for the Zeus web server -- with-litespeed: compile PHP as the litespeed module -- with-milter = DIR: compile PHP as the Milter application -- -nsapi = DIR: Netscape/iPlanet/Sun Web Server: PHP: NSAPI module -- enable-phpdbg: enable phpdbg debugger -- enable-phpdbg-debug: debug mode --- phttpd = DIR compile PHP for phttpd module -- with-pi3web = DIR compile PHP for pi3web module -- with-roxen = DIR compile PHP for roxen module -- enable-roxen-zts compile PHP for roxen module, thread security -- with-thttpd = SRCDIR compiling PHP to thttpd module -- with-tux = MODULEDIR compiling PHP to tux module -- with-webjames = SRCDIR compiling PHP to webjames module -- disable-cgi disabled cgi
General settings ):
-- Enable-gcov to enable gcov support (test the code coverage function) -- enable-debug Compile with debugging symbols -- with-layout = TYPE Set how installed files will be laid out. type can be either PHP or GNU [PHP] -- with-config-file-path = PATH php. ini file location [PREFIX/lib] -- with-config-file-scan-dir = PATH: scan the PATH of the configuration file -- enable-sigchild use the SIGCHLD processor that comes with PHP -- enable-libgcc to enable libgcc -- disable-short-tags
 Extensions ):
Extensions: -- with-EXTENSION = shared [, PATH] Not all extensions can be compiled into a shared mode NOTE: Not all Extensions can be build as 'shared '. for Example, how to compile an extension into a shared mode: Example: -- with-foobar = shared,/usr/local/foobar/o Builds the foobar extension as shared extension. o foobar package install prefix is/usr/local/foobar/-- disable-all disable all extended functions enabled by default -- with-regex = TYPE regular expression library TYPE. Option: system | php (default) warning: if you do not know what this is, do not change this option! -- Disable-libxml disable LIBXML support -- with-libxml-dir = dir libxml installation directory -- with-openssl = DIR enable openssl support (OpenSSL version must be later than or equal to 0.9.6) -- with-kerberos = dir openssl: contains kerberos support -- with-system-ciphers OPENSSL: replace hard coded with the system's built-in password list) -- with-pcre-regex = DIR reference pear-compatible regular expression library -- without-sqlite3 = DIR do not enable sqlite3 support -- with-zlib = DIR enable ZLIB support (ZLIB version must be later than or equal to 1.0.9) -- with-zlib-dir =
ZLIB installation path -- enable-bcmath enables bcmatch (BC style precision mathematics) -- with-bz2 = DIR enable BZip2 -- enable-calendar enable calendar conversion support -- disable-ctype disable ctype feature -- with-curl = DIR enable cURL support -- enable-dba architecture bundle module DBA. Use the -- enable-dba = shared parameter to create an extended shared module. -- With-qdbm = dir dba: QDBM support -- with-gdbm = dir dba: GDBM support -- with-ndbm = dir dba: NDBM support -- with-db4 = dir dba: oracle Berkeley DB 4.x or 5.x support -- with-db3 = dir dba: Oracle Berkeley DB 3.x support -- with-db2 = dir dba: Oracle Berkeley DB 2.x support -- with-db1 = dir dba: oracle Berkeley DB 1.x support/emulation -- with-dbm = dir dba: DBM support -- with-tcadb = dir dba: Tokyo Cabinet abstract DB support -- without-cdb = dir dba: CDB support (bundled) -- disable-inifile DBA: INI support (bundled) -- disable-flatfile DBA: flatFile support (bundled) -- disable-dom disable DOM support -- with-libxml-dir = dir dom: enable libxml2 and specify its installation directory -- with-enchant = DIR to enable enchant support. GNU Aspell version must be later than 1.1.3 -- enable-exif enable EXIF support (retrieve metadata from images) -- disable-fileinfo disable fileinfo support -- disable-filter disable input filter support -- w Ith-pcre-dir FILTER: pcre install prefix -- enable-ftp enable ftp support -- with-openssl-dir = dir ftp: openssl install prefix -- with-gd = DIR enable the GD image processing library -- with-vpx-dir = dir gd: specify the installation directory of libvpx -- with-jpeg-dir = dir gd: specify the libjpeg installation directory -- with-png-dir = dir gd: specify the libpng installation directory -- with-zlib-dir = dir gd: specify the libz installation directory -- with-xpm-dir = dir gd: specify the libXpm installation directory -- with-freetype-dir = dir gd: specify FreeType2 installation directory -- with-t1lib = dir gd: specify T1lib support- -Enable-gd-native-ttf GD: enable the TureType character function -- enable-gd-jis-conv GD: enable JIS-mapped Japanese font support -- with-gettext = DIR including GNU gettext support -- with-gmp = DIR enable gnu mp support -- with-mhash = DIR specifies the mhash directory -- disable- disable hash support -- without-iconv = DIR disable iconv support -- with-imap = DIR contains IMAP support. Specify the c-client installation directory -- with-kerberos = dir imap: enable kerberos support and specify its directory -- with-imap-ssl = dir imap: enable ssl support and specify the openssl directory -- with-interbase = DIR enable interbase support and specify its directory -- enable-intl to enable internationalization) -- with-icu-dir = DIR Specify where ICU libraries and headers can be found -- disable-json disable json support -- with-ldap = DIR enable LDAP support -- with-ldap-sasl = dir ldap: enable Cyrus SASL support -- enable-mbstring enable multi-byte string support -- disable-mbr Egex MBSTRING: disable multi-byte regular expression support -- disable-mbregex-backtrack MBSTRING: disable multi-byte regular expression backtracking check -- with-libmbfl = dir mbstring: use external libmbfl and specify its directory -- with-onig = dir mbstring: use an external onig and specify its directory -- with-mcrypt = DIR contains mcrypt support -- with-mssql = DIR contains MSSQL-DB support, specify the FreeTDS Software Directory -- with-mysql-sock = SOCKPATH to locate the unix socket pointer of mysql. If not specified, search by default. -- With-zlib-dir = DIR MySQL: Set the installation directory of zlib -- with-mysqli = FILE contains support for MySQLi. The parameter is the location of mysql_config -- enable-embedded-mysqli MYSQLi: enable embedded support. -- With-oci8 = DIR contains Oracle support. If you use an Oracle client installation, use -- with-oci8 = instantclient,/path/to/oic/lib -- with-odbcver = HEX Force support for the passed ODBC version. A hex number is expected, default 0x0300. use the special value of 0 to prevent an explicit ODBCVER to be defined. -- with-adabas = DIR Include Adabas D support/usr/local -- with-sapdb = DIR Include sap db support/usr/local -- with-solid = DIR Include Solid support/usr/ local/solid -- with-ibm-db2 = DIR Include IBM DB2 support/home/db2inst1/sqllib -- with-ODBCRouter = DIR Include support/usr -- with-empress = DIR Include Empress support \ $ EMPRESSPATH (Empress Version> = 8.60 required) -- with-empress-bcs = DIR Include Empress Local Access support \ $ EMPRESSPATH (Empress Version> = 8.60 required) -- with-birdstep = DIR Include Birdstep support/usr/local/birdstep -- with-custom-odbc = DIR Include user defined ODBC support. DIR is ODBC install base directory/usr/local. make sure to define CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS and have some odbc. h in your include dirs. f. e. you shoshould define following for Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.00 on QNX, prior to running this configure script: CPPFLAGS = \ "-DODBC_QNX-DSQLANY_BUG \" LDFLAGS =-lunix CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS = \ "-ldblib-lodbc \" -- with-iodbc = DIR Include iODBC support/usr/local --- esoob = DIR Include Easysoft OOB support/usr/local/easysoft/oob/client -- with-unixODBC = DIR Include unixODBC support/usr/local -- with-dbmaker = DIR Include DBMaker support -- enable-opcache Enable Zend OPcache support -- enable-pcntl Enable pcntl support (CLI/CGI only) -- disable-pdo Disable PHP Data Objects support -- with-pdo-dblib = dir pdo: DBLIB-DB support. DIR is the FreeTDS home directory -- with-pdo-firebird = dir pdo: Firebird support. DIR is the Firebird base install directory/opt/firebird -- with-pdo-mysql = dir pdo: MySQL support. DIR is the MySQL base directory If no value or mysqlnd is passed as DIR, the MySQL native driver will be used -- with-zlib-dir = DIR PDO_MySQL: set the path to libz install prefix -- with-pdo-oci = dir pdo: Oracle OCI support. DIR defaults to \ $ ORACLE_HOME. use -- with-pdo-oci = instantclient, prefix, version for an Oracle Instant Client SDK. for example on Linux with 11.2 RPMs use: -- with-pdo-oci = instantclient,/usr, 11.2 With 10.2 RPMs use: -- with-pdo-oci = instantclient,/usr, -- with-pdo-odbc = flavor, dir PDO: Support for 'flavor' ODBC driver. include and lib dirs are looked for under 'dir '. 'flavor' can be one of: ibm-db2, iODBC, unixODBC, generic If ', dir'part is omitted, default for the flavor you have selected will be used. e.g.: -- with-pdo-odbc = unixODBC will check for unixODBC under/usr/local. you may attempt to use an otherwise unsupported driver using the \ "generic \" flavor. the syntax for generic ODBC support is: -- with-pdo-odbc = generic, dir, libname, ldflags, cflags When built as 'shared 'the extension filename is always -- with-pdo-pgsql = dir pdo: PostgreSQL support. DIR is the PostgreSQL base install directory or the path to pg_config -- without-pdo-sqlite = dir pdo: sqlite 3 support. DIR is the sqlite base install directory BUNDLED -- with-pgsql = DIR Include PostgreSQL support. DIR is the PostgreSQL base install directory or the path to pg_config -- disable-phar Disable phar support -- disable-posix Disable POSIX-like functions -- with-pspell = DIR Include PSPELL support. GNU Aspell version 0.50.0 or higher required -- with-libedit = DIR Include libedit readline replacement (CLI/CGI only) -- with-readline = DIR Include readline support (CLI/CGI only) -- with-recode = DIR Include recode support -- disable-session Disable session support -- with-mm = dir session: include mm support for session storage -- enable-shmop Enable shmop support -- disable-simplexml Disable SimpleXML support -- with-libxml-dir = DIR SimpleXML: libxml2 install prefix -- with-snmp = DIR Include SNMP support -- with-openssl-dir = dir snmp: openssl install prefix -- enable-soap Enable SOAP support -- with-libxml-dir = dir soap: libxml2 install prefix -- enable-sockets Enable sockets support -- with-sybase-ct = DIR Include Sybase-CT support. DIR is the Sybase home directory/home/sybase -- enable-sysvmsg Enable sysvmsg support -- enable-sysvsem Enable System V semaphore support -- enable-sysvshm Enable the System V shared memory support --- tidy = DIR Include TIDY support -- disable-tokenizer Disable tokenizer support -- enable-wddx Enable WDDX support -- with-libxml-dir = dir wddx: libxml2 install prefix -- with-libexpat-dir = dir wddx: libexpat dir for XMLRPC-EPI (deprecated) -- disable-xml Disable XML support -- with-libxml-dir = dir xml: libxml2 install prefix -- with-libexpat-dir = dir xml: libexpat install prefix (deprecated) -- disable-xmlreader Disable XMLReader support -- with-libxml-dir = DIR XMLReader: libxml2 install prefix -- with-xmlrpc = DIR Include XMLRPC-EPI support -- with-libxml-dir = DIR XMLRPC-EPI: libxml2 install prefix -- with-libexpat-dir = DIR XMLRPC-EPI: libexpat dir for XMLRPC-EPI (deprecated) -- with-iconv-dir = DIR XMLRPC-EPI: iconv dir for XMLRPC-EPI -- disable-xmlwriter Disable XMLWriter support -- with-libxml-dir = DIR XMLWriter: libxml2 install prefix -- with-xsl = DIR Include XSL support. DIR is the libxslt base install directory (libxslt> = 1.1.0 required) -- enable-zip Include Zip read/write support -- with-zlib-dir = dir zip: set the path to libz install prefix -- with-pcre-dir ZIP: pcre install prefix -- with-libzip = dir zip: use libzip -- enable-mysqlnd Enable mysqlnd explicitly, will be done implicitly when required by other extensions -- disable-mysqlnd-compression-support Disable support for the MySQL compressed protocol in mysqlnd -- with-zlib-dir = DIR mysqlnd: set the path to libz install prefix
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