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Php6 introduction and php6 Installation Manual-PHP6 download, read php6 introduction and php6 Installation Manual-PHP6 download, PHP6 Download: Ghost! If a running error occurs

Download PHP6:

PHP6 installation manual:

Step 1: install apache under c:/apache. After installation, enter it in your browser to check whether the installation is successful! If a running error occurs, Port errors may occur. Modify the Listen and ServerName configurations in c:/apache/conf/httpd. conf to other unused ports!

Step 2: unpackage php6 to c:/php, and then package c:/php. ini-recommended: Copy to c:/php. ini, or change the name directly! Configure php. ini correctly. Pay special attention to the extension_dir parameter and change it to "c:/php/ext /".

Step 3: Configure c:/apache/conf/httpd. conf. Add the following content at the end of the file:

LoadFile "c:/php/libmysql. dll"
LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php6apache2_2.dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php. php
PHPIniDir "C:/php"

Note that the LoadModule parameter should be php5_module rather than php6_module.
The purpose of LoadFile "c:/php/libmysql. dll" is to enable PHP to support php_mysql.dll extension.

Save and restart APACHE to run PHP!

PHP6 introduction:

At the PHP developer conference held in Paris last year, the message about PHP6 development began to spread,
PHP6 discussed at the PHP conference will be greatly changed, but this is only the draft stage,
It does not mean that the probability of all meetings will contain all the changes in the records with the release of PHP6
That is to say, there will still be changes before the release of PHP6, but it can be determined that
The changes listed below will be available along with PHP6 (of course they are not happy ,)
Let's take a look at these new features.

1. Unicode supported
Unicode is supported. Although Unicode occupies a large amount of space
Convenience, far more than the disadvantages of space occupation, especially in the international today, the more hardware equipment
The more powerful the network speed, the smaller the disadvantages can be ignored. In addition
One point, PHP can also set whether Unicode support is enabled in the. Ini file. You can decide whether to enable Unicode,
This is a good idea. Turning off Unicode support does not significantly improve PHP performance.
The major impact of the upgrade is the function that needs to reference strings.

2. Register Globals will be removed
This is an important decision. Many new PHP developers will think that Register Globals is full.
It is convenient, but it ignores the potential security risks caused by Register Globals.
This feature is disabled on most hosts. It is the default option when PHP4.3.x is used.
The setting value is disabled, and the formal removal of Register Globals from PHP6 also indicates that if the program
It is a product of the PHP3 era and will be completely unusable. There is no other way to rewrite it. Phase
Believe in the current PHP world, there should be few programs still produced in the PHP3 era.

3. Magic Quotes will disappear
Magic Quotes is mainly used to automatically escape characters that need to be escaped. This function removes the leaf that meets the requirements of most
The voice of PHP developers.

4. Safe Mode canceled
Honestly, I don't know where this mode is. Cancel it and I won't be able to use it anyway.

5. The alias 'var' is 'public'
The var declaration in the class is changed to the public alias, which is determined to be compatible with PHP5,
PHP6 can also be called OO language now.

6. Errors will be returned through reference
Now the compiler returns an error through reference, for example, $ a = & new B (), function & c (),
The OO language is referenced by default, so you do not need to use it again.

7. zend. ze1 compatbility mode will be removed
Zend. ze1 compatible mode will be removed, PHP5 is compatible with the old PHP4, so you can choose whether
The compatibility mode is enabled because PHP5 uses the second generation of parsing engine, but the compatibility mode is not
Hundreds of times can parse the PHP4 syntax, so the product of the old age is removed.

8. Freetype 1 and GD 1 support will be missing
These two are Libs for a long time, so they are no longer supported. GD1 has already been replaced by GD2.

9. dl () is moved to SAPI
Dl () mainly enables designers to load extension Libs and is now moved to SAPI

10. Remove Register Long Array
It is disabled by default from PHP5, and then removed in PHP6.

11. Some Extension changes
For example, XMLReader and XMLWriter will no longer appear in Extension mode and will be moved
To the core of PHP, and is enabled by default, ereg extension will be put into PECL, representing that it will
Removed from the PHP core, which is to give way to the new regular expression extension,
In addition, Fileinfo extension will be imported into the PHP core.

12. APC will be imported to the core
This is a function to improve PHP performance. Now it will be put into the PHP core and you can choose whether to enable APC.

13. Farewell to the starting label of ASP style
It turned out to be an attempt to make ASP developers turn to PHP. This practice is no longer needed today,

Finally, do not expect the performance of PHP6 to fully exceed PHP5. It is possible that the execution efficiency of PHP6 will be higher
PHP5 is still slow, but it is expected that the PHP development team will work hard to improve PHP5 and
If you are interested in PHP6, you can download these functions from the official PHP website.
In PHP6,

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