Phpwamp Update Preview "supports PHP, ASP,! 180 database Version One-click Switch! 700 PHP versions all toggle "

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Green integrated Environment PHPWAMP8.8.8.8 the latest version will be released soon! (will be starting in 51CTO blog:

Update: Next week is about to update the latest version phpwamp!

The latest version supports both PHP, ASP, and ASP. NET Site program (all free installation completely pure green, one click Delete domain name port)

On the request I support JSP website students, first wait, maybe the next version will have.

The new version supports switching databases, and also supports custom databases

700 PHP version of all switch, 180 database version One-click Switch! Can be run at the same time! Perfectly compatible with individual components. Resolve compatibility issues thoroughly.

It is now perfectly switchable for all versions of PHP history and all MySQL databases, with the default support for Microsoft's SQL Server database

The latest version of the Phpwamp Force Modify Database password feature allows you to force changes to the password for all MySQL history versions in one click.

The core components of the latest version of Phpwamp I have recompiled and tested and completely implemented the perfect compatibility between different versions of different components

It also solves the issue of compatibility between different versions of PHP and the database for different phpMyAdmin editions.

Fixed an older version of the Force Delete port feature, forcing the removal of occupied ports while fixing other related bugs, please look forward to

The new version will also enhance the relevant features, I will recompile the core, the introduction of the Ultimate Lite, full version, Server Edition, personal rapid test version! All of the above versions are pure green, no installation required, no vc! The Super Armor mode and the symbiosis mode are doubled compared to the previous startup speed.

It has been completely completed and is just testing the bug 、、、、

Because my personal time is limited! Specific release time to see mood and time, but the basic set in next week! Will never be dragged into next week 、、、、

LCCEE hint: Before you can first use the old version of PHPWAMP8.1.8.8 (support switching 700 php) Baidu "Phpwamp"

Phpwamp Update Preview "supports PHP, ASP,! 180 database Version One-click Switch! 700 PHP versions all toggle "

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