Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture

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Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture
When you want to try a new open-source software, when the latest version of the open-source project that you have been paying attention to has been released, you can't wait to become a bug catcher for the new open-source project, how do you obtain and install the latest open-source software environment? How many G installation packages have been downloaded on your computer? Are you waiting for the courier to send the latest CD to your home? After a few hours of Environment configuration, I finally achieved it?

How can we use open-source software to experience the highest efficiency and optimize costs?

The open hackers' development team learned about these requirements and pain points of Open Source enthusiasts and introducedCorrect cloud Open Source Software experienceIt only takes three minutes:

1. Open a browser and access hacking.kaiyuanshe.cn;

2. Log On with Weibo, Wechat, Github, and other popular accounts;

3. Select an open-source project that you are interested in and start your journey on the cloud immediately.

Microsoft joins hands with the open source community to launch a special program for Open Source geeks.Cloud experience week for popular open-source software in ChinaWe have selected the latest releases of two popular open-source projects in the open-source community:

1. Zen Chi 5.1 official version

2. Spark big data environment in the latest phase 6 of AMP Camp


Log on to hacking.kaiyuanshe.cn, and select the open source software you are most interested in:

  • Popular Open Source Software cloud experience week-Zen knowledge (http://hacking.kaiyuanshe.cn/site/cloud_week_chanzhi)

  • Popular Open Source Software cloud experience week-Spark (http://hacking.kaiyuanshe.cn/site/cloud_week_spark)

The opening time of this experience week isMarch 25Welcome experts from the open-source community to experience, catch insects, and develop. The first phase of Open Source Software on-cloud experience is limited on-line experience seats, first come, first served. If you encounter any problems during use, please leave a message on the open hacker platform. We will have developers to handle your feedback as soon as possible.

Finally, the editor has an appeal:


Visit http://market.azure.cn now

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