Porting NET-SNMP to the Development Board (MINI210)

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1. Install the cross-compilation tool ARM-LINUX-GCC

2. Download NET-SNMP Source installation package

3. Unzip the installation package

4../configure--build=i686-linux--host=arm-linux CC=ARM-LINUX-GCC--with-endianness=little--enable-mini-agent-- With-install-prefix=/usr/local/snmp_arm_install--with-ar=arm-linux-ar ldflags= "-static"--disable-embedded-perl- -without-perl-modules specifically to add or remove the view./configure--help

5.make compiled source code

6.make Install

7. Move example.conf to Intstall_dir/usr/local/share/snmp (Install_dir is the specified installation path) for snmpd.conf, modify snmpd.conf

# Sec.name Source Community

Com2sec local localhost COMMUNITY

Com2sec mynetwork network/24 COMMUNITY


# Sec.name Source Community

#com2sec local localhost COMMUNITY

Com2sec mynetwork Public

Where is the IP of the Development Board

8. Before the transplant, determine SNMPD (Install_dir/usr/local/sbin), SNMPD (INSTALL_DIR/USR/LOCAL/SHARE/SNMP), MIBs (install_dir/usr/local/ SHARE/SNMP), Snmpwalk and other commands (Install_dir/usr/local/bin) exist

Compress commands such as Snmpd,snmpwalk with the Arm-linux-strip command before porting

9. Copy the Snmpd,snmpwalk to the Development Board/usr/bin, snmpd.conf and MiB folder and folder contents to the Development Board/usr/local/share/snmp/

No folders created by yourself, note using chmod 777 Snmpd,snmpwalk

10. Running snmpd-cc/usr/local/share/snmp/snmpd.conf

If snmpd:error while loading shared libraries:libgcc_s.so.1:cannot open Shared object file:no such file or directory class The library file above the computer to the/lib directory of the Development Board.

11.ps-w|grep SNMP to see if SNMPD is running successfully

12. Test the Snmpwalk command

[Email protected] snmp]# Snmpwalk-c public-v 2c
snmpv2-mib::sysdescr.0 = String:linux friendlyarm 3.0.8-friendlyarm #1 PREEMPT Sun Jul 6 20:51:22 EDT armv7l
snmpv2-mib::sysobjectid.0 = oid:snmpv2-smi::enterprises.8072.3.2.10
snmpv2-mib::sysuptime.0 = timeticks: (4243) 0:00:42.43
snmpv2-mib::syscontact.0 = string:g. S. Marzot <[email protected]>
snmpv2-mib::sysname.0 = String:friendlyarm
snmpv2-mib::syslocation.0 = String:unknown
snmpv2-mib::sysorlastchange.0 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
Snmpv2-mib::sysorid.1 = Oid:snmpv2-mib::snmpmib
Snmpv2-mib::sysorid.2 = Oid:snmp-view-based-acm-mib::vacmbasicgroup
Snmpv2-mib::sysorid.3 = Oid:snmp-mpd-mib::snmpmpdcompliance
Snmpv2-mib::sysorid.4 = Oid:snmp-user-based-sm-mib::usmmibcompliance
Snmpv2-mib::sysorid.5 = Oid:snmp-framework-mib::snmpframeworkmibcompliance
Snmpv2-mib::sysordescr.1 = string:the MIB module for SNMPV2 entities
Snmpv2-mib::sysordescr.2 = string:view-based Access Control Model for SNMP.
SNMPV2-MIB::SYSORDESCR.3 = string:the MIB for Message processing and dispatching.
SNMPV2-MIB::SYSORDESCR.4 = string:the Management Information definitions for the SNMP user-based Security Model.
SNMPV2-MIB::SYSORDESCR.5 = string:the SNMP Management Architecture MIB.
Snmpv2-mib::sysoruptime.1 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
SNMPV2-MIB::SYSORUPTIME.2 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
Snmpv2-mib::sysoruptime.3 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
snmpv2-mib::sysoruptime.4 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
snmpv2-mib::sysoruptime.5 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00
snmpv2-mib::snmpinpkts.0 = counter32:23
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutpkts.0 = counter32:23
snmpv2-mib::snmpinbadversions.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinbadcommunitynames.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinbadcommunityuses.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinasnparseerrs.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpintoobigs.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinnosuchnames.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinbadvalues.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpinreadonlys.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpingenerrs.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpintotalreqvars.0 = counter32:33
snmpv2-mib::snmpintotalsetvars.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpingetrequests.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpingetnexts.0 = counter32:37
snmpv2-mib::snmpinsetrequests.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpingetresponses.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpintraps.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpouttoobigs.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutnosuchnames.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutbadvalues.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutgenerrs.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutgetrequests.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutgetnexts.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutsetrequests.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpoutgetresponses.0 = counter32:47
snmpv2-mib::snmpouttraps.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpenableauthentraps.0 = integer:disabled (2)
snmpv2-mib::snmpsilentdrops.0 = counter32:0
snmpv2-mib::snmpproxydrops.0 = counter32:0

Okay, the transplant was successful.

Reference article: http://fajun1216.blog.163.com/blog/static/207405106201262104843794/

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