Practical ASP. NET shared folder access (including detailed operation steps), practical

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Practical ASP. NET shared folder access (including detailed operation steps), practical


Blog to find ( index files take up too much space, need to move to another server, so to solve the problem of "access index files through shared folders in ASP. NET.

Assume that the ASP. NET program you are looking for is located on server A, and the index file is located in the ZzkIndex shared folder on server B. The access address is \ \ ZzkIndex \. To achieve this, you can read and write files in the Shared Folder \ \ ZzkIndex \ in the ASP. NET program of server.

Refer to in the garden to access the network ing disk. We have solved this problem and will share it here.

(Note: server A is the server where ASP. NET programs are located, and server B is the server where shared folders are located)


"Solving problems + writing a blog" may take twice as long as "solving problems + not writing a blog", but after writing it, you no longer have to worry about this problem again, there will never be such a depressing problem again: someone asked me a problem I had solved, but I forgot how it was solved.
Is there any detailed procedure for sharing files in win7?

2008 xp vista windows 7
Files can be shared. This is a feature integrated with the operating system, as long as network hardware is supported.
Share Windows 7 as follows:
1. Enable Win7 sharing settings
On the "Open Network and sharing center" page, click "change advanced sharing Settings" on the left side to open the "advanced sharing Settings" window,
Set network discovery, file and printer sharing, public folder sharing to enable, Disable password protection sharing, after setting, click Save changes.
2. Disable Windows 7 Firewall
The firewall may cause access to lan files. Go to "network and sharing center", click "Windows Firewall", and click "open or close Windows Firewall" in the "Windows Firewall" window,
In the displayed window, select the "Disable Windows Firewall" option and click "OK" to save the settings.
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3. Open the Guest Account to allow smooth mutual access between XP and Win 7.
In XP, select "management tools> Computer Management" in the control panel, and then select "local users and groups> Users" in the pop-up window ". Next, double-click "Guest" on the right. In the displayed dialog box, clear the check box for "Account Disabled, then confirm that the "Password Never Expires" option has been selected (the setting method in Win 7 is similar ).
4. Run GPEDIT. MSC and press enter to enter the Group Policy.
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Computer Configuration WINDOWS Settings Local Policy Security Options
Find the Network Access Local User Sharing and security mode, double-click to select only guest!
5. Shared Folder Properties
Click "Security Options" and click "All Permissions" in Everyone to confirm.

Test to go to another computer \ IP.
CMD type net share to view the Local Shared Folder

Set the access password for shared folders in the same network segment of the LAN.

1. Disable the Guest account
2. Set a password for administrator
3. In group policies, choose computer configuration> windows Settings> Security Settings> Local Policies> Security Options.
Find "Network Access: Local Account Sharing and security model" and use "classic" Mode
4. Check the shared folder to ensure that the administrator has the shared permission and security permission.
5. access using administrator

Note: If you use another account, make sure that the account has the shared and Security (NTFS permission) permissions on the shared files.

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