Practical basic skills (05) ----------- Error Reporting and troubleshooting required, use of real-time windows, practice -------------

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Practical basic skills (05) ----------- Error Reporting and troubleshooting required, use of real-time windows, practice -------------
I. Real-time window has two functions: 1. Get the value of a variable.

2: Modify the variable value


The real-time window function is embodied. Sometimes you do not need to stop debugging and modifying programs to test a certain situation. You can modify the variable value to reach your

The source code that can be run is aspnet (C #). After downloading the code from the Internet and running it on the local machine, many errors are reported. I am exhausted and have not done so yet.

I sent your email address to my BBS Forum I wrote on your own. However, since I am only writing a lot of questions on the Forum, I still haven't finished it. You can check it out first. You need to practice it for more than half a year. almost proficient

When playing a big game, the system has already reinstalled the system on the blue screen. The same error is reported. I don't understand the reported error. Please help me solve it.

There are many blue screens. Simply put, the system won't work. Now that the system has been implemented
The 80% power supply is not good for heat dissipation. I suggest changing the power supply.
By the way, the computer crashes normally when there is more dust on the power supply.
If you don't want to change it, we suggest you unload the power and try it out of the chassis.
I have tested the above, and the results are very good.
I don't know if it doesn't work anymore. Go to the Computer City and ask.

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