Problems with the iOS learning process

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There has been a period of exposure to iOS, and during this time, a preliminary understanding of the online tutorials was conducted.

Throughout the process, encountered a number of problems, listed here, so that their own search:

1. Picker control

When there are two components, click the first one, and the second one changes

-(void) Pickerview: (Uipickerview *) Pickerview Didselectrow: (nsinteger) Row incomponent: (Nsinteger) Component {


  [Self.mypickerview Reloadcomponent:kdevicecategory];

[Self.mypickerview selectrow:0 incomponent:kdevicename Animated:yes];


The picker control should be updated before making the first selection; otherwise, the results before the update will have an impact on the updated results (in contrast to the online tutorial order, the problem is found during testing).

2. Nsdictionary type

Nsdictionary *dictionary = [nsdictionary dictionarywithobjectandkeys: "Value", "Object", "value", "Object", nil];

The order of the key values cannot be reversed, first the value, and then the key.

3. TableView Control

Method called when table view draws a row

-(UITableViewCell *) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Cellforrowatindexpath: (Nsinteger *) Indexpath {

NSString *mytableviewcellidentifier = @ "Mytableviewcellidentifier";

UITableViewCell *cell = [tableView Dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:mytableviewcellidentifier];



TableView is a reference to the table that originated the request, you can create a class that acts as a data source for multiple tables, and when you initialize a Tableviewcell row, you should use the change parameter

(online tutorial using [UITableView alloc], will be an error)

Problems with the iOS learning process

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