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When you study computer science (CS), you must know some useful websites to keep abreast of the technology and learn new technologies. Here are some of the sites you should visit not exhaustive list, very recommended collection of spare!


When you're in trouble,


The coding practice of beginners

For those who want to start a small project and find no idea.

General coding Recommendations

Coding style

General Tools

Preparation for the interview


To learn new knowledge of the class (large open Network courses) network

Your preferred programming language related website (Java for me)

Learn AI

Seminars, research writing, talks, etc.

A place where everything is coming together

YouTube channel

Good Article


Build a simple compiler/interpreter

Observe the code of others


Programmers must know that they must

Competitive programming

Computer Books

Video Tutorials

Online compiler and code snippet sharing

Developer's Blog

In order to improve your English

When you're tired of computer science-related stuff,

When you're in trouble,

StackOverflow: Subscribe to their weekly newsletters and other topics that interest you

Quora: A place to share knowledge and better understand the world

Learn anything: The community that plans the knowledge map, where you can find the best way to learn anything

Devrant: Community where you can growl and vent your stress

Codementor: Tutor-style community, with 1-to-1 assistance to learn under the guidance of peer developers


Hacker News: Programmer's press aggregator, where courtesy is king, try to get headlines in your inbox with a newsletter

Hacker Newsletter: Manual planning, weekly release

Hacker News Digest: Automated Planning, published at the frequency you want

Ars Technica: Publish exclusive high-quality articles

ACM Technews: Science and technology news

Lobsters: The big lobster Community is a community of focused technologies around links aggregation and discussion

TechCrunch: Dedicated to in-depth analysis of startups, commenting on new Internet products, and exposure to technology news

The Verge: More product-oriented technology news

Recode: Technology information focused on Silicon Valley business Latest mobile phone and Android-related news

Product Hunt: Discover your next favorite thing

Alternativeto: Crowdsourcing software recommendations

Better Dev Links: A weekly link to help you become a better developer

Devopslinks: The network community of thousands of developers and IT professionals interested in DevOps

The coding practice of beginners

Freecodecamp: Learn to write and build projects for non-profit organizations. Build your full-stack web development portfolio today Interesting programming challenges, where you can observe and learn the code of others, even if you can't solve the problem with code, you can also see how others solve it.

Programming by Doing: A great site for people who want to start with an absolute foundation

Codeabbey-a place where everyone can master programming: from the beginning of the problem, starting with the simplest problem, each problem gradually increases the difficulty. Download and solve practice problems in over 30 different languages and share your solution with others.

Programming Tasks: Collection of small applications

Karan/projects-solutions: Ways to solve most of the problems in the links above

Lod-cloud: Link Open Data Cloud

Cave of Programming: Learn to program, upgrade skills.

People Can Program: The most user-friendly learning coding application on the Web

Codeacademy: Interactive learning code, free.

Vim Adventures: Learn vim by playing

For those who want to start a small project and find no idea.

Martyr2s-mega-project-ideas-list: Contains about 125 project ideas from beginner to intermediate level

Karan/projects: A large number of small projects for beginners to choose

Wrong "big projects" for beginners: How to choose where to start

Vicky002/1000-projects: A huge list of actual projects that can be implemented in any programming language!

General coding Recommendations

Things I Wish Someone had told me when I am learning how to code-free Code Camp: What have I learned from teaching others?

Lessons from a Lifetime of Being a Programmer: Programmers from lifetime programmer headline Lessons

Programming principles: A review of programming principles and pattern classification

What every computer science major should know: Principles of good programming

How to become a programmer, or the arts of Googling well: how to become a programmer, or the art of searching

Code Review best Practices:kevin London Blog

Dieter rams:10 principles of good product Design:stephen haunts {code in trenches}

10-ways-to-be-a-better-developer: The advanced way for developers!

Working as a software Developer:henrik Warne blog

Software design Pattern: A complete collection of designs

Design Patterns: A detailed explanation of designing patterns with examples

JS Project guidelines: Best Practices for a set of JAVASCRIPT projects

Programming style

CS 106B Coding Style Guide: People who make spaghetti (spaghetti) must see

Google C + + Style Guide

Airbnb JS Style Guide: One of the most logical ways to do JavaScript

The Ruby style guide for Airbnb ruby style Guide:airbnb

What is some bad coding habits do would recommend a beginner avoid getting into? : Bad habits to avoid at the beginning

Good C programming habits. /r/c_programming: The C programming habit worth using

How to reports Bugs effectively: Want to report a bug but you don't know what to do? Check out this post

Debugging Faqs: Check how the program is debugged

Stuff need to Code better! : Can help you with the material

Directory of online CS Courses: Free online courses in computer science

Directory of CS Courses (many with online lectures): Another set of online courses in computer science

Angular 1 Style Guide: An officially recognized style guideline, author John Pappa

General Tools

REGEX101: On-line regular expression tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang, and JavaScript

Codepen: Front-end developer's Playground and browser edition code Editor

Devicons: Cheat sheet for the developer's icon

Preparation for the interview

Pramp | Software engineer free on-demand interview practice platform: interview with a real peer practicing programmer.

Geeksforgeeks | Computer Science portal for geeks: subscribe to their feeds at the same time to get links to new articles.

A website that focuses on interviewing questions, brain teasers, puzzles, puzzles: What the hell is that, and what else makes you think?

Problem Set | Leetcode OJ: Coding Practices for interviewing

Programmer and software interview questions and answers Logic Puzzles

The challenges of quantitative analysis and the collection of solutions

Questions and answers to aptitude: Quantitative analysis and readiness for aptitude

Interview Files-Java Honk

10 big algorithms for programming interviews

Algorithm design Canvas)

Small copy of large O algorithm complexity

Unix/linux Small Copy

How to Interview

How to win the algorithm interview

Happy Puzzles

Visualize data structures and algorithms through animations

How do I prepare for a technical interview? /r/cscareerquestions

Technical Interview Guide

Why do you earn less? /r/cscareerquestions

IIT Delhi Placement Experience


/r/cscareerquestions: Here's a long list of questions about programming interviews that I compiled for the 4 big interviews. I think you'll find it useful!

Interviewing at Jane Street

How to prepare for an interview-1: preparing an interview

Summer internship:the Ultimate Guide

The most difficult HR questions:25 one of the most difficult HR issues

Job interviews News, Videos, reviews and Gossip-lifehacker: Interviews, videos, reviews and gossip

How to Answer the toughest Job interview Questions | ICS Job Portal: How to answer the hardest 40 interview questions

Job interview Questions and best Answers: Interview questions and top answers

How to Answer ' Tell Me a Little about yourself ' | The Art of manliness

Job Interview:how to Ace a job interview | The Art of manliness

Give your Résuméa face lift

BIG O Misconceptions

Bitwise Tricks

Core Java interview Questions-interview question on each topic

Java interview Questions and Answers:java interview questions and Answers

Big Collection of interview preparation links? /r/cscareerquestions



Cs9:problem-solving for the CS Technical Interview:cs Technical interview questions answered

Mission-peace/interview problems: A big collection of programming interview questions

SQL Joins explained using Venn diagram

Frequently asked SQL Query interview Questions

Get ready to learn sql:8. Database Normalization explained in simple english-essential SQL

Programming Language Concepts:lecture Notes: The concept of object-oriented programming and the concept of programming language

We Help Coders Get hired: This site provides courses on system design, interviewing strategies, soft skills, and more


How to break into the tech industry-a guide to Job Hunting and tech interviews

Freshers Interviews

C Puzzles, Some interesting c problems

Wu:: Riddles (Hard): Logic puzzles and puzzles An important list of interview questions

Svozniuk/java-interviews:java Interview Questions

Kimberli/interviews: A learning table for interviews

Determining the Big-o runtimes of these different loops? : A really good stackoverflow problem that covers the basics of calculating runtime complexity.

Chipersoft/interviewthis: Questions to ask during an interview to learn more about the company

SQL interview questions: Great SQL test


Machine that Changed the World-a very good documentary on the History of computers (machines that change the world-an excellent documentary on computer histories)

Part 1 is not available because of the widely circulated issue of copyright notices.

Part 2:inventing the future of inventions

Part 3:the Paperback computer Lite computer

Part 4:the Thinking machines will think about the machine

Part 5:the Worlds at Your fingertips The world under your fingertips

Triumph of the Nerds God Victory: Playlist

Project Code rush-the beginnings of Netscape/mozilla Documentary Program codes contest--netscape/mozilla documentary ancestor

The Code:story of Linux documentary Code: A documentary on the Linux Story

Breaking the code:biography of Alan Turing breaking code: Allen Turing Autobiography

Mechanical computer (all Parts) mechanical computer: Since the 1950s, it has been a very good explanation of how mechanical computers work in the absence of all modern electronic products in the case of video.

Download:the True Story of the Internet Internet: One of the documentary films of the Discovery Channel that describes browser warfare, network bubbles, and more.

Teach Yourself Computer Science study

How to Does CPU Execute program (VIDEO) Videos: How the CPU executes programs

Machine code Instructions (VIDEO): Instructions

Harvard cs50-asymptotic Notation (VIDEO) Videos: Harvard cs50-progressive notation

Cracking The Code interview code interview hack guide

Cracking the Coding interview-fullstack Speaker series Full stack

Ask Me Anything:gayle Laakmann McDowell (author of Cracking The Coding interview) no questions asked

Online courses to learn new knowledge

Class Central: More than 100,000 student review catalogs for thousands of MU lessons

NPTEL vidoes Comp_sci_engg

EdX Free online courses from the University of Helsinki


Kadenze | Creative Programming: A programming course focusing on art and creativity


Network Open Course, Department of Electrical Engineering and computer Science, MIT


Prakhar1989/awesome-cs-courses: A list of a large number of computer science courses

Computer Science Resources: A list of classes for self-learners

Websites related to your preferred programming language (Java for me)

Revisit Java: Useful for Java language Learning and interview preparation

The Java Tutorial: the best Java Tutorials

Java corner of

Java Visualizer: Help visualize references, values of variables, etc.

Java Lecture Notes

Learn Java: An online textbook for learning Java

Bill Venners's free online chapter on the inside of a Java virtual machine

Understanding Internal JVM

How garbage Collection Works

Welcome to

Java memory model

NetBeans keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity when using NetBeans

IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity when using IntelliJ

Xyzws Java questions and answers: A big summary of the Java interview questions

Search development Source Code Java API: View the source code of the Java library and learn how it is implemented

Journaldev-java, Java EE, Android, Web development Tutorials

Implementation of algorithms and data structures, interview questions and answers: implementation of algorithms and data structures, interview questions and Answers

What is garbage collection: Secret garbage Collection

Learn Java's best must-read book: tamping java Fundamentals

Garbage collection (Java), augmented data (video)

Java off Heap: leaving lot room Java

Java source code: Java source code

Compiler (VIDEO)

Deep into Java, garbage collection is a good thing!

The C + + programming language:c++ programming language

Bjarne Stroustru's Questions and answers: C + + questions and Answers

Bjarne Stroustrup's C + + style and technical questions and answers: C + + questions and Answers

C++11-iso new Standard for C + +: C++11 Questions and Answers

Learn AI

What ' s the difference between AI-DP and ML? : The difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning

Unsupervised sentiment Neuron: an unattended emotional neuron

Robots that learn: robots that will learn Database for AI A practical course for free deep learning for programmers of non-graduate level!

Seminars, research writing, talks, etc.

Advice on study and Writing: Research and writing Consulting

Seminar and reports: Seminars and reports

PHD MS Articles

Practical Tips for talking in usergroups and conferences and Giving presentation on software project to Non-programmers: in The user groups and meetings, and introduce software projects to non-programmers

A place where everything is coming together A summary of Reddit topics related to computer science and programming.

YouTube Channel

Computerphile: Every computer Science department's study must look

Computerhistory: For those who want to know about computer history

Googletechtalks: Videos on hot topics and the cool things happening in the tech industry

Placement Grid: Interview and Campus Internship experience

Google Developers

Facebook Developers

O ' Reilly: An interview with the world's best technology writers

Java:java Related interview

Javaone:java Congress

Cppcon:c++ Congress

C++now (Boostcon): C++now (formerly Boostcon) Congress

Interview with meeting C + + YT kanalseite:c++

Thinmatrix: Blog and tutorial for developers who created 3D games with OpenGL in Java


Scott Meyers:past Talks

Thoughtbot: An interview on a variety of topics

Code::D Ive conference: The Nokia Wroc?aw Technology Center Organization Code::D IVE Conference

Howtobecometv: Excellent interviews with stakeholders and developers in the tech industry

Siraj Raval: A video tutorial on AI and deep learning

Netflix UI Engineering: Great video for Web developers, mobile developers, and developers interested in Netflix's technology stack

Coding Blocks: Tutorials, how, suggestions and tricks

Fun Function: A weekly series from Mattias Petter Johansson to the topic of programming classification, including some topics that are not directly related to coding

Gynvael Coldwin: Excellent reverse engineering and hacker (CTF) podcast. Live on cable every Wednesday.

Good Article

Expectations for junior Developers

The key to accelerating your coding skills

A reading list for a software developer: there are some good books and links.

40 Key computer Science concepts explained in popular discourse

What each programmer should know about memory, part 1th

We are reinventing the retail industry with innovative technology

Unified Code

Each programmer is absolutely, definitely need to know the encoding and character set to manipulate the text

List of algorithms

Deep byte code

Map of data structures

A brief talk on graph theory

Linux Insider

Compiled as a programmer-friendly language for Lua

Why fast pages are important: Why app speed is important, revenue

Data structures and algorithms: A list of algorithms and data structures and their solutions

Compiling a TCP/IP protocol stack: Let's compile a TCP/IP stack 5:tcp forwarding


Programming Bricks-Busy learning principles, patterns and better practices

MS Dev Show

The cynical developer

Software Engineer Radio: a blog for professional software developers. The goal is to become a lasting educational resource, not a news podcast.

JavaScript Shredding: Weekly discussions about JavaScript, the front end, the community, the career, and the framework.

Developer's tea: a coffee-break podcast designed for developers

All-Stack radio: everything from product design to user experience to unit testing to system management

Software Engineering Daily: A daily technical interview on the subject

Bike Shed: Guest discussion on Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and other development experiences and challenges

The Changelog: Weekly conversations that touch the core of open source technology and create their authors

Happy moments at the front: a podcast featuring a table of software engineers from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian and LinkedIn talking about everything from front-end development while drinking tea.

React Native: Weekly discussion of tools, techniques, and techniques for creating mobile apps with JavaScript and React.

Iphreaks: A weekly group discussion of the development of IOS and related technologies by experienced developers. Discuss Apple, tools, practices, and code.

Syntax:wes Bos and Scott Tolinski delicious podcasts for WEB developers

Developer on Fire:dave Rael hosts the podcast, sharing the developer's fraternity spirit and the story of the great people in the software industry.

Groovy Podcast:groovy Podcasts

Build a simple compiler/interpreter

Awesome Compilers: List of compiler, interpreter, and runtime related resources

Resources for amateur Compiler writers amateur compiler author

Possibly the smallest compiler ever so far the smallest compiler

Writing my first Compiler to write my initial compiler

Structure and interpretation of computer Programs computer program structure and translation

Let's Build A simple interpreter. Part 1. Let's build a simple interpreter (i)

Growing a compiler enhances a compiler


Subtle | Poor Man's CI: Learn how the continuous integration platform works under Hood by building your own app using node. js and Git

Tutorialspoint: A tutorial site

W3Schools Online Web Tutorial

Open Data structures: excellent resources for learning DS and Algos, code C + +, Java, pseudo-code in a variety of languages

John Morris's data structures and algorithms: Another good Code analysis

Cmsi 281: Data structure: A brief introduction to data structures

How to program in C + +: Excellent resources for learning C + + and STL

TopCoder Tutorial: Data Science Tutorials website

Hacker's Git guide: for people who want to build deep git basics

Git from inside to outside

10 minutes to learn UNIX

Bash Guide: A great guide to learning Bash Shell

Linux Tutorial: Learn about Linux's good resources

UNIX Tutorials-Introduction

Linux Beginner Tutorial

Learn the Shell

Dynamic Programming-Prismoskills: Very good resources if you want to learn how to solve DP problems.

Deep C:c Language Good presentation

C Programming Language FAQs

Operating System Course notes: Galvin's class notes

SQL (structured Query Language) in one page:sql. SU: A Very good SQL memo

Introduction to C Programming

MySQL Essentials

Best Of-gustavo Duarte: Contains articles on a variety of topics

Collect all memos: memos in many programming languages

The descent to C: For those who transfer from some of the higher programming languages (such as Java or Python) to C.

Vimtutor +: Learn VIM on the browser

Linux Journey: Learning about Linux's good sites

C programming

CS 2112/engrd 2112 Fall 2015: A good record of data structures and algorithms.

More about github--Fun Markdown

Unix Programming Environment

Linux command line: A complete introduction

TCP/IP Series

"The design pattern in a comprehensible way"

Design PATTERNS: Reusable elements of object-oriented software: Also known as "Gang of four" books, and GOF

UNIX and Linux Systems Management Handbook, 4th edition

Tools for programming, WEB development and DEVOPS News, tutorials and beginner experts

Indradhanush tutotials: Write a Unix Shell

See someone else's code Screen recordings of people who build apps, websites, games, and more Programming Community

What programmers should know

Programmer Competency Matrix Programmer Competency Matrices: You can get an article on the level we're at as a programmer build software better, together let's build better software: where you store your projects and collaborate with others. (You must understand Git before you can use it effectively)

Gitlab offers free, unlimited (private) storage warehouses and unlimited collaboration.

Race-style programming

Wakatime: Leaderboard for programming metrics collected by the editor plugin




UVa Online Judge: Hundreds of questions to support multiple languages.

Hackerearth-programming Challenges and Developer jobs


PKU ACM ICPC Practice Problems

Archived Problems-project Euler

Google Code Jam Practice and: Previous game questions for practice

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)

Art of Problem Solving

Codingame: Learn to program with games and challenges!

Codewars: Upgrade by completing different code tricks (issues)

Codefights: Test Your programming skills

Computer Books

IT ebooks-free download-big Library: There are no ads and instant downloads of ebook download sites. More than 500 free ebooks in almost any language you can think of

Computer Science Books Online: About 150 Free computer ebooks

Best Books for GATE CSE

Become a Programmer, motherfucker (List of Books): Detailed book from Zed A. Shaw

Video Tutorials

Tushar Roy: A tutorial on algorithmic and data structures from an Indian YouTuber.

Derek Banas: A high-quality tutorial

Thenewboston: Good, but it's a little lengthy compared to dry goods.

Mycodeschool: A tutorial on data structures and algorithms

Codingmadeeasy:c++ Tutorials

Xda-university-Help you learn Android development

Devtips: Web Development Tutorials

Codedamn: Front Page Development tutorial

Design and analysis of algorithm

Vim Video Tutorial-flarfnoogins: Learning Vim's premium video tutorials

Cs1:higher Computing-richard Buckland UNSW: A good introductory tutorial on computer science

Kathryn Hodge: A good video for beginners

Pluralsight-Learn software development, DEVOPS, and data science through a few short courses

Online compiler and code snippet sharing

Codepad: Code Editor for testing, testing and running more than 25 languages

Jsfiddle: Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or Coffeescript with the online code Editor On-line compilers and debugging tools for more than 60 programming languages An excellent tool for exploring different compilers, with or without optimized assembly output

Developer's Blog

Coding Horror: One of the best programming blogs

WILDML: A blog about machine learning

Armin Ronacher ' s Thoughts and writings: blogs about Python and open source

Eli Bendersky: Everything from Python to LLVM

Joel on software

Stephen haunts {Coding in the trenches}

Programming in the 21st century

Clean Coder Blog: The author of the "Code Neat Way" book

Programming Blog:yegor Bugayenko's Programming blog

Codeahoy: Blogs about software and human factors. 100% after human testing.

Geek Land

Late Developer

IT Enthusiast

CSE blog-quant, Math, computer science puzzles

Small programming challenges and puzzles

My Tech Interviews

Hackerearth Blog


Codergears Blog Insights From:codergears Team

Runhe Tian Coding Practice

Paul Graham Essays

Dan Dreams of Coding

Antonio081014 ' s Algorithms Codes


Takipi Blog: Primarily focused on the Java language and the JVM

Coding Geek-A blog about it, programming, and Javade The story about software

Archives-ask a MANAGER:HR related content

Rudhakar Rayavaram:sudhakar Rayavaram's Blog

Antirez-redis Creator ' s blog

In order to improve your English


Rules for punctuation and capitalization

Grammar and Writing Guide: for people who want to improve their English language skills

Purdue University Online Writing lab (OWL)

When you're bored with computer science-related stuff,

R/programmerhumor: The reddit topic of the content as its name

Vsauce: Best YouTube Channel

TED: A great speech on technology, entertainment and design

CrashCourse: A small course on different subjects

National Geographic: A large number of high quality content from around the world

Barcroft TV: Daily documentary video on the incredible variety of people in the world

ColdFusion: The past, the present and the future of technology

Smartereveryday: A lot of amazing scientific information about the world around us, usually taken with high-speed cameras.

Ridddle: A YouTube channel about science (mostly the universe and space but not just).

SciShow: The answer to an interesting question you've always wanted to know

Big Think: Expert-driven, actionable educational content, featuring experts, from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye.

Every Frame a Painting: high-quality analysis of film and film productions

Testtube News: Interesting information about stories around the world

Reddit the front page of the Internet: where free time to die

How do I live for long time? : The Secret of longevity

What are the core technologies to learn Java?

Can learning Java learn by himself?

How much can I earn from learning Java in 2018?

What are the requirements for a company to recruit Java?

June Dahne java free training camp Hot Registration, first-line teachers, high-paying technology, introductory skills, interview tips, one-stop packaging learning, so that you learn the most promising technology, successfully through the interview, successful access to high salaries! read the original text or reply to your name + phone + City registration now!

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