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Outside of the program, it is the programmer's life.

When we say goodbye to campus and become a programmer, most of us have the dream of success and the passion of success. At that time, we were also energetic and healthy. As time passes, five years have passed, and ten years have passed. Maybe, the dream may fade and the passion may fade slowly. However, one thing is certain: our bodies are not as good as before, like decreased eyesight, chronic gastritis, cervical spondylosis, insomnia, neurasthenia, and so on. These diseases have almost become an occupational disease in our industry.

From a health perspective, the programmer's career has several very unfavorable factors:

First, programmers need to focus on it. Programmers often focus on a problem for a long time (for example, for more than eight consecutive hours, in order to solve a bug, they can't afford to eat or go to bed, this consumption of qi and blood is very huge. A typical example is that an employee at Huawei worked overtime several years ago.

Second, sit down for a long time. A long period of sit-in may lead to poor circulation of qi and blood and a frequent rise or pain in some parts of the body. This reminds you to exercise more. In addition, sedentary injury to the stomach, excessive thinking also hurt the stomach, so many programmers have chronic gastritis such diseases.

Third, the brain consumption is huge. Programmers who sell their brains to improve their lives, consume their brains continuously, and put pressure on their work. Over time, they are prone to headaches, migraine, and other problems.

Fourth, face the computer for a long time. Although LCD display is used now, the radiation is relatively small, but the long-term focus on the screen, the harm to vision is very big. In addition, the programmer often stays up late at night to work overtime, and the programmer is prone to liver and eye pain (especially at Fish waist points), visual loss and so on.


The body is your own thing. I have never been in favor of sacrificing health for my career. (Also, sacrifice your feelings for the benefit, and choose whatever means to achieve your purpose .) Mentality is the most important thing for a healthy body and a healthy life. In fact, among the many factors, mentality has the greatest impact on health. As early as thousands of years ago, traditional Chinese medicine had a profound understanding of this point, and the long-term intrusion was under excessive seven emotions (anger, sorrow, sorrow, and grief), causing considerable damage to the body. Just like long Yu chengji.

As you get older, your mindset changes slowly. Previously, I thought it was very important, such as money, fame and fortune, and status. I slowly discovered that it was not so important. I did not agree that it was more and more precious than my family and friendship. Today, we are ready. Like most people, it is not very successful or failed. Living every day in plain and authentic ways may be a happy state. The following lists some self-righteous ideas for your reference.

(1) do not force or let it go. Do not make it difficult for others to do things. Do not make it hard for others to do things. The root cause of many of our pain lies in that we are too persistent and hard-pressed. Even if you are ambitious and want to do a big business, you should do everything you need. This is not a fatalistic theory, but a lot of things. People are not as good as computing, so what if Jack is not lucky?

(2) grasp the laws of things, grasp the key points, and do not have to be nervous, anxious, and often get twice the result with half the effort. For example, there is no need for us to anxiously sow seeds in the winter without waiting for the arrival of spring (but in reality, we often do unsuitable things when we are eager for success ), this violates the laws of the natural world, and the reward is definitely not rewarding. On the other hand, you cannot miss spring sowing or autumn harvest due to laziness. Otherwise, you will have to wait for another year due to a quick mood. Many things seem to be inaction, but they are actually great. As the old man said, inaction does not mean anything.

(3) be diligent in mind. Normal work and life are okay (that is, regular brain and body), but don't be tempted. "Heart-to-heart" means that you can't let go of one thing. You also want to think about it when you eat, or when you go to bed, and keep it in mind all the time. If you are tempted, you will feel depressed and hurt.

(4) You need to put it down, to see it, and to open it. Contentment. Put down is the courage, open is the mind, open is the gas. Contentment is the greatest spiritual wealth.

(5) be tough when frustrated, and keep a low profile when satisfied. In the world of life, there will inevitably be gains and losses, and there will inevitably be a low tide and a spring breeze. Just like, if you are willing to give up, you will get it after you get it. If you get it, you will get it after you get it. Understanding this, whether at low tide or at high tide, our mood will not be too intense. Cool, easy to live.

We choose the path and have a good attitude. In fact, life is in our own hands.

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