Project data streams are complicated. How do you sort data streams?

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Project data streams are complicated. How do you sort data streams? project data streams are complicated. How do you sort data streams?

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Project data streams are complicated. How do you sort data streams?

I'm glad to answer your questions.

If the data flow in the project is not clear, it is indeed a very painful problem, but it also increases the risk of the project, then how to understand this data flow. The following are some of my experiences for your reference:

  1. Documents, from project initiation to final launch, document management, must be done well;
  2. Or document. From requirement analysis, outline design, and detailed design, relevant documents must be provided and updated;
  3. UML diagram: This is a very important thing. When a project is large, you will find that you cannot do without it, such as flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams;
  4. If necessary, do you want to go back and review the college software engineering course?

@ JellyThink agrees with each other, but it is a bit different.

  1. UML diagram: The more complex the process, the more you need to draw a clear picture, and how to draw this picture is also a learning. The overly complicated logic can be represented by several diagrams, such as the relationship diagram between modules, the flowchart in the module.
  2. Document: Why do we put it in the second place? That is, I don't think there are so many documents. The key point is to explain the meaning of this UML and why it is so designed. There are no documents read by anyone or expired documents maintained by no one!
  3. Simple and practical: I do not like the things that have been framed in books, but I can learn from the experiences I have learned from my predecessors. The focus is on the learning methodology. The purpose is to do a good job in front of me, do not create a business system, but follow the XX standard process. It is usually time-consuming, laborious, and useless.

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