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When you use ps for image processing, you may need to use repeated actions to process a batch of photos. next we will introduce how to use ps for batch processing, if you want to use ps for image processing, you may encounter repeated operations when processing a batch of photos. next we will introduce the batch processing skills in ps, for more information, see

  Action:The so-called action is to first record the steps you want to do, so that the computer can repeat them according to your actions !!!

There are also a lot of post-recorded operations on the internet. after downloading, you can drag them into the action panel to display them!

There are too many digital photos, and some don't want to wash them out. they just want to save them on the computer, but there are more and more files. they occupy more space and change one photo to a smaller one. it is estimated that they should be exhausted !!

So how to use PS for batch modification? of course, there are some dedicated software on the Internet that is also very useful. batch processing. here we will explain how to use PS for batch processing !!

Create batch processing actions!

  [1] ALT + F9 or window-action display Action window

1: Stop. It is stopped when the recording starts.

2: recording. The recording starts. the Start button is red!

3: play. It is to play the recorded action.

4: folder. When there are more actions, create folder management. Same as managing files.

5: create a single action. Before recording an action, click Create action 6: recycle bin. Drag unnecessary actions, folders, or individual actions into the recycle bin. It's the same as throwing files in the recycle bin on the desktop!

For example, after you click 5 to create an action, p1 p2 is displayed. After you click 2 to start recording, the A2 red button is displayed. Verify that the recording starts!

P1: name of the entire action. The system automatically names sequence 1. you can change the name by yourself, for example, batch processing. P2: Action 1, which is the first default action!

P3: each time you operate an action in PS, there is a record! For example, set selection, feathers, contrast, movement, various filters, etc. The action values recorded each time are the values you entered here! For example, the Yuhua radius is 20 and so on ......

  [2] recording a correct change to the image size!

1) first, open an image to be scaled down in batches.

2) create an action-and start recording the action

3) change the image size-save-close

(Note: If an operation error is returned, continue the operation. After the recording is complete, drag the recorded unnecessary operations to the recycle bin! Or stop returning and rerecording) (Note: The percentage must be used to change the image size. If pixels are used, the horizontal and vertical la S may be either large or even deformed during batch processing.) 4) the recording of the correct action is completed, as shown in the red box!

  [3] open the batch processing window

FILE -- automatic -- batch processing

For example:

Select the action for playing!

Source: After you have set the folder for the images you want to zoom in or out in batches, you can click it. smoke and drink your saliva !!


1. it is best to copy the files to be scaled out in batches and put them in a new folder. To prevent unexpected events;

2. remember that the picture you just recorded has been reduced. Do not reduce the number of operations once, otherwise it will become very small;

3. when a JPEG file is saved, the higher the quality, the better. Generally, 8-10 is enough! However, you cannot click it with the mouse every time. after the first selection, press enter. Generally, a carriage return is pressed. Thank you for reading this article. I hope it will help you. please continue to pay attention to your hometown. we will try to share more excellent articles.

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