Python Common Module Email----Extract header information from the original message

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cat/tmp/email_test1.txtdate:wed, 16:04:44 +0800from:3456789 <[email protected]>to:1234567 <[email protected]>cc:23456780 <[email protected]>reply-to:3456789 <[email protected]>subject:email test! X-priority:3x-has-attach:nox-mailer:foxmail[cn]mime-version:1.0message-id: <[email protected]> content-type:multipart/alternative;boundary= "----=_001_nextpart245273401224_=----"

Example 1: Extracting headers from PARSESTR

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport osfrom email.parser import parserdef read_mail (PATH):                          if os.path.exists (PATH):                     with open (path) &NBSP;AS&NBSP;FP:     ()              return email             else:                                         print  "file not exist!"       &Nbsp;         raw_email=read_mail ('/tmp/email_test1.txt ')     #将邮件读到一个字符串里面headers  =parser () parsestr (raw_email) #经过parsestr处理过后生成一个字典print   ' cc: %s '  % headers[' Cc ']print  ' to: %s '  % headers[' to ']print  ' From: %s '  %  headers[' from ']print  ' subject: %s '  % headers[' Subject ']

Example 2: Extracting a message by using parse

#!/usr/bin/pythonfrom email.parser Import parserheaders = Parser (). Parse (open ('/tmp/email_test1.txt ', ' R ')) print ' Cc: %s '% headers[' Cc ']print ' to:%s '% headers[' to ']print ' from:%s '% headers[' from ']print ' Subject:%s '% headers[' Subject ' ]

The results of the return of the two examples are the same:

cc:23456780 <[email protected]>to:1234567 <[email protected]>from:3456789 <[email protected]> Subject:email test!

So we have finished the message header information extraction!

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Python Common Module Email----Extract header information from the original message

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