Python compares a folder to a file that is more than another folder with the same name and copies the method _python

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This example describes a method that the Python comparison folder has more files than another folder with the same name and is copied. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows:

This dongdong is to do to the company data synchronization: The new server has not been officially enabled, the old server is still in use, a large number of pictures uploaded to the old server every day, in order to avoid back up all the pictures, so write a tool.

1. The operation effect is shown in the following illustration:

2. The Python code is as follows:

Copy Code code as follows:
Created on 2011-1-7
@author: HH
Import Os,configparser
Recursively lists the files in a directory and puts them in the list.
def listdir (Filelist,path):
Files=os.listdir (PATH)
For I in Files:
file_path=path+ "\" +i
If Os.path.isfile (File_path):
Filelist.append (File_path)
For I in Files:
file_path=path+ "\" +i
If Os.path.isdir (File_path):
#fileList. Append (File_path)
Listdir (Filelist,file_path)
return filelist
Write the contents of a list to a file
def writelisttofile (List,path):
Strs= "\ n". Join (list)
F=open (Path, ' WB ')
F.write (STRs)
F.close ()
Read the contents of the file and put it in the list
def readfiletolist (path):
F=open (Path, ' RB ')
Lines=f.readlines ()
For line in lines:
Lists.append (Line.strip ())
F.close ()
return lists
Compare files--in Set mode
def complist (LIST1,LIST2):
Return list (set (List1)-set (LIST2))
Copy files from list to specified location
def CopyFiles (Filelist,targetdir):
For file in FileList:
Targetpath=os.path.join (targetdir,os.path.dirname (file))
Targetfile=os.path.join (Targetdir,file)
If not os.path.exists (TargetPath):
Os.makedirs (TargetPath)
If not os.path.exists (targetfile) or (Os.path.exists (targetfile) and Os.path.getsize (targetfile)!=os.path.getsize ( file)):
print "Copying files:" +file
Open (TargetFile, ' WB '). Write (open (file, ' RB '). Read ())
Print file already exists and does not replicate! "
if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':
Path= ". SVN"
Txtfile= "1.txt"
Tdir= "Cpfile"
Cffile= "Config.ini";
if (os.path.exists (cffile)):
Cf=configparser.configparser () (Cffile)
Path=cf.get ("main", "SourceDir")
Txtfile=cf.get ("main", "txtfile")
Tdir=cf.get ("main", "TargetDir")
The print configuration file does not exist! "
Raw_input ("\ n press Enter to exit \ n")
Exit ()
if (os.path.exists (txtfile)):
#如果导出的文件存在, compare after reading
List1=readfiletolist (txtfile)
Print "Reading file list ..."
Filelist=listdir (Filelist,path)
Print "Is comparing files ..."
List_res=complist (Filelist,list1)
If Len (list_res) >0:
Print "Below is a file that does not exist in the original directory: \ n"
print "\ n". Join (List_res)
print "\ n Total Files:" +str (Len (list_res)) + "\ n"
If Raw_input ("\ nthe files are copied?") (y/n) ")!= ' n ':
CopyFiles (List_res,tdir)
Print "does not have the same file!" "
#如果导出的文件不存在, the file is exported
Print "Reading file list ..."
Filelist=listdir (Filelist,path)
Writelisttofile (Filelist,txtfile)
Print "Saved to file:" +txtfile
Raw_input ("\ n press Enter to exit \ n")

3. Configuration file name: Config.ini as follows:
Copy Code code as follows:
#配置文件名: Config.ini

I hope this article will help you with your Python programming.

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